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Treatment without antibiotics

It seems that researchers of the new era of medicine no longer question the prophetic quote of the discoverer of penicillin Alexandra Fleming That taking antibiotics does much more damage to the human body than it does good ...

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Why it is so important to find alternative medicines as Replacement of antibiotics And why are the great minds of medicine so alarmed by this problem? Let's understand!

Unpredictability of the reaction of both children's andAn adult organism on the impact of chemistry and synthetics has been known for a long time. Until now scientists can not track all possible (including lethal) reactions of the human body to the action of antibiotics. As a result, this incompetence affects us, ordinary consumers of pharmaceuticals.

Harm antibiotics to children

Treatment without antibiotics

Truly destructive effect of admissionAntibiotics, which scientists call each other "tsunami delayed action", is the reduction of resistance (resistance) of our body in the fight against persistent and mutating bacteria and viruses. The human body quickly gets used to inaction and outside help, immunity is turned off. Good, that is Substitution of medicines!!

25-year-old shulam, a resident of Malaysia,Agreeing with the opinion of Nobel laureate Fleming, did not expect the destructive effect of the antibiotic "tsunami" and developed its own method of combating dangerous bacteria Without the use of antibiotics, Which amazed the minds of their colleagues.

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Malaysian methodology Is based on the action of a polymerized peptide having a structure of repeating chains of proteins in the form of a star and capable of completely destroying the membrane of harmful bacteria, after which they perish.

Indeed, the application of this "magic star"Against bacteria of all types during experiments on mice gave an excellent result. And this means that in the near future it will be possible to completely abandon antibiotics!

But what about the miraculous power of grass? Scientists-ethnobotanists have once again shown: the forgotten old leads to effective decisions of the future. They also presented to the scientific community their alternative to antibiotics.

Medicinal plants against viruses

Ethnobotany - a new word in medicine. By laboratory tests, plant components were tested and tested, capable of destroying even the most complex bacteria without harm to humans.

Research medicine

Biologists have artificially created special bacteriophages - useful viruses that are capable of purposefully destroying these or other bacteria. Bacteriophage treatment Extremely promising!

Bacteriophage for treatment

In the laboratory, the creation of a new bacteriophage to kill the resistant pathogen takes several weeks, while the search for and Development of a new antibiotic The pharmaceutical company will spend 7 to 12 years! Of course, this is also the great advantage of bacteriophages before antibiotics.

It is these three main areas that scientists have recently been working on, creating alternative drugs to replace antibiotics.

And you carry Full responsibility for your health. Remember: preventive measures, a healthy lifestyle and a sensible approach to the selection of medicines - your personal contribution to strengthening immunity and maintaining health.

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