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Wrong habits

there is Habitual things, Which seem so obvious that it does not occur to them to think about the correctness or incorrectness of their implementation. Make sure by looking at the selection from "so simple!".

Wrong habits

  1. Cat matroskin, no doubt, was right, saying that a sandwich tastes better if you put it sausage on the tongue! But the hamburger is more convenient to eat, holding the little fingers: it just will not fall out.
    As there is a hamburger
  2. Separate neatly the tail of strawberries is more convenient than a straw for drinks.
    How to clean strawberries
  3. The bar is the bar. No deflections or bends ...
    How to fulfill the bar
  4. Quickly Bring the buttocks into tone, Sit-ups are the best solution! But they also need to be done correctly: feet shoulder width apart, socks look in front of him, firm feet, straight back.
    How to crouch
  5. If you want to clear a whole mountain Potatoes, It would be faster and more correct to drop the tubers for a few minutes first into boiling water, and then into icy water. The skin can be removed even without a knife!
    How to peel a potato
  6. 3 brush strokes - all that is needed to evenly cover the nails with varnish.
    How to coat your legs with varnish
  7. Without problems, you can wash the blender bowl by placing a handful of ice cubes in it and turning it on for a few seconds.
    How to wash a blender
  8. Open packages with a cookie or croup are conveniently stored by using such a cover from Plastic bottles.
    How to store products
  9. Try to wear headphones This way: really convenient!
  10. Trick with Mandarin Solves 3 problems at once: you do not need to peel the peel, you do not need to separate the lobules, the juice does not flow on the hands.
    How to peel mandarin
  11. This is exactly what each of us does every day ... proctologists assure us that this is the position on the toilet that is anatomically correct.
    How to sit on the toilet

These tips may seem obvious, but they definitely need to be adopted. Now the usual things can be made more comfortable and faster!

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