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Application of coffee

Every day in the world they drink more than 400 million cups of coffee, while the thicket from it is thrown into the trash, while it can be reused.

coffee grounds - a unique product that has many useful properties. Today our editorial board will tell you a few original and useful ways of using this organic raw material.

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Application of coffee

  1. To get rid of cellulite
    For this you need to prepare Coffee scrub: Mix 3 tablespoons of boiled coffee grounds with sea salt and add 5 drops of camphor oil. Just before the scrubbing procedure, take a ten-minute hot bath.

    This is necessary in order for the pores of the skin to open. After water procedures, apply a scrub to the problem areas and massage them for 5 minutes.

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  2. As a hair dye
    Coffee grounds can be safely used as a natural dye. Find out in our article how to correctly carry out the procedure of staining with coffee.
    Useful use of coffee grounds
  3. As a remedy for fleas
    To rid your pet from importunateParasites, it is necessary to carefully buy out the animal, and at the end of the procedure, apply a little coffee grounds to the wet wool. The rich smell of coffee will scare off fleas and will not harm your furry friend.
    Useful use of coffee grounds

  4. For masking the scratches on furniture
    To disguise such flaws on the woodenFurniture, prepare a saturated solution from the boiled coffee grounds. Then using a cotton swab carefully rub the natural dye into the wooden surface. Do this until the color of the scratch is merged with the entire surface of the furniture.
    Useful use of coffee grounds
  5. As a lifting procedure
    Coffee grounds can be used forCooking a home mask with the effect of lifting. Whisk 1 egg white into a thick foam and mix it with a quarter cup of coffee grounds. Then put the mask on your face and leave it to act for 5-7 minutes. At the end of the procedure, wash the chamomile with a decoction.
    Useful use of coffee grounds

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