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Normalization of the hormonal background

Excess weight and hormones - an endless feminine themeFor reflection, observation and attempts to adjust the work of your body. More and more often women of different ages complain that, despite proper care of themselves and following the opinion of nutritionists, their attempts to lose superfluous are in vain!

If every year brings you not only new impressions, but also extra pounds, it's time to pay close attention to Hormonal status. "so simple!" Prepared for you interesting information on how to effectively Get rid of excess weight Only with the help of simple knowledge about the influence of hormones on our body.

Normalization of the hormonal background

The female body is governed by an uncountable numberHormones. Of course, they are all important for a beautiful body, but there is a special "female" four, the imbalance of which does not allow you to lose weight.

  1. Estrogen imbalance

    Who is: You know exactly about him. But still remember: one of the most important hormones, creating your female look in all its glory and functionality. In addition to all responsible for the reaction of "eat" and "drink".

    In case of imbalance: Manifests itself extremely trickily (more often in excess), settling in the form of kilograms on the hips, sides and abdomen. With age increases the amount of fat in your body.

    Correct position: Add to the diet Cellulose!! Just 0.5 kg of vegetables per day. Cellulose will help you remove excess estrogen from the body. And also reduce the consumption of red meat.

    Hormonal background in women

  2. Excess insulin

    Who is: The main regulator of glucose in our body, jokes with which are inappropriate.

    In case of imbalance: Sugar in the blood begins to "spring" up and down, resulting in increased accumulation of fat.

    Elevated insulin

    Correct position: Just drink a glass of good before eating Filtered water, Adding 2 tbsp. L. Apple cider vinegar. It is proved that this method is able to significantly and quickly Lower blood sugar.

    Water and human health

  3. Cortisol surplus

    Who is: One of the stress hormones.

    Hormone cortisol in women

    In case of imbalance: Leads you to an eerie dependence on food, especially sweet, with the abuse of which is the formation of pure fat.

    Correct position: Oddly enough, at first Give up caffeine. The lack of caffeine in the body stimulates a decrease in cortisol. Replace tea and coffee with any Decaffeinated drinks.

    Water with lemon
    Twice a day, drink a glass of warm water with a lemon - it is tasty and very useful, since such a drink regulates the work of the zhkt well.

  4. Adiponectin deficiency

    Who is: A key hormone burning fat stores and regulating blood sugar. Also regulates the inflammatory and oxidative processes that contribute to a set of excess weight.

    In case of imbalance: Metabolic processes are disturbed.

    Correct position: Eat miracle regulator adinopectin - Pistachios!! It is proved that this product is able to completely restore the desired concentration of adinopectin in the body, which leads to Improvement of metabolism. With a shortage of this hormone is also appropriate 18-hour fasting.

    Nuts for weight loss

The conclusion is simple: Normalization of the hormonal background - a pledge of stabilizing your weight. Listen to your body and watch your own diet.

Watch your health, and the correct hormonal background will definitely affect the beauty of your figure!

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