/ How to choose a toothpaste

How to choose a toothpaste

The best toothpaste Should not only perfectly clean the plaque from the teeth,Bleach them and disinfect. It must be safe! As it turned out, the composition of the goods that are now used by everyone without exception, leaves much to be desired ... look at the marking on the tube of your favorite hygiene product!

A square on a tube of toothpaste

How to choose a toothpaste

Looking at the color of the square on the tube, you can determine the features of the composition of the paste.

Marking on a tube of toothpaste

  1. Green square Says that the paste consists almost entirely of natural ingredients. By the way, such squares can be seen on tubes with other cosmetics!
    Toothpaste labeling
  2. Blue square Indicates that the paste contains both natural and chemical components.
  3. Red square On the tube indicates the presence of a small number of hazardous chemicals: such a paste should not be swallowed in any way!
    A square on a tube of toothpaste
  4. Black square Is the most dangerous sign. Harmful toothpastes Almost completely composed of chemicals and marked with such a badge on the tube!

Manufacturers use this marking for a very long time! It is especially important to check Baby toothpaste, Because children often swallow it while brushing their teeth ...

Toothpaste pictures

Choose only natural products! No one knows what the future will lead thoughtless Use of dangerous chemicals in everyday life.

Washing powders, detergents, toothpaste: All this should be as natural as possible. Already now there are studies confirming that such common-use products are a common cause of allergy in children and adults, asthmatic attacks, skin diseases of all kinds.

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Share this information with your friends! Do not poison yourself with unnecessary chemistry. In fact, for example, the same toothpaste can be made with your own hands, and it will not be worse than the store effect. But exactly safe!