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Delayed menstruation

If a woman does not try to conceive a child, a regular The onset of menstruation For her becomes both a disaster and happinessAt the same time. On the one hand, it's spasms, pain, mood swings and generally discomfort, but on the other hand it's a light breath: "Well, I'm not pregnant!"

But it may happen that the men do not step on, and you know for sure that pregnancy is excluded. Do not panic: "so simple!" found 7 reasons for possible delay.

Causes of menstruation

Delay in menstruation

  1. stress
    Experienced strong stress is the cause of manyDiseases. Change of work or moving, traveling to another country, loss of a loved one can lead to serious malfunctions in the body, and to cycle failure including. Especially since the onset of critical days is regulated not only by the sexual organs, but also by the nervous system.

    Because of a strong shock, menstruation in general may disappear for several years, there have been cases!

  2. Intensive physical activity
    Intensive sports can lead not only to a significant reduction in the duration of menstruation, and even to their complete cessation.
  3. Cold or flu
    Any change in the state of the organism leads to failures in many of its systems. Your body spends a lot of effort in the fight against infection and can postpone "secondary" tasks.
  4. diet
    Do you want Quickly lose weight To an important event and found for thisSuperfast diet? Prepare to break the hormonal background. A sharp weight loss can lead to nothing good! Be balanced and practice moderate exercise so as not to create stress for the body.
  5. Birth control pills and other medications
    Oral contraceptives significantly adjust Level of secretion of sex hormones, And doctors even sometimes assign them to normalize the cycle. If you do not get a monthly medication when you take the contraceptive, then perhaps these pills do not suit you.

    As for other drugs, even herbs have various side effects that can also affect menstrual cycle.

  6. Imbalance of sex hormones
    When the body produces male hormones in large numbers, there may be cysts on the ovaries, there is no ovulation and a delay in menstruation ...
  7. Problems with the thyroid gland
    Thyroid regulates metabolism and levelSome hormones. Hyperthyroidism, or hypothyroidism, can lead to a delay in menstruation. As a rule, after treatment, the cycle returns to normal.

Do not delay with a visit to the doctor, if the menstruation is longDo not come without obvious reasons or are unnatural: accompanied by too much bleeding, fever, nausea or vomiting ... take care of your health!

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