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Things You Need to Know

With these things we have to dealEvery day, they have become so familiar that it does not even occur to them to use them in any other way ... Meanwhile, the little things that surround us in everyday life have their own special purpose. See the compilation of "so simple!".

Things you need to know

  1. I always thought that the hole in the cap serves to keep the ink in the handle. But in fact this hole allows you to avoid suffocation with accidental ingestion of the cap.
    Cap from ballpoint pen itemprop =
  2. A piece of cloth attached to the lining of outer clothing, does not serve for patches, but to try on it a detergent that you will use for this thing.
    Shred of cloth with a button
  3. In this mysterious little pocket all decent cowboys wear watches!
    Small pocket on jeans
  4. jeans Originally were working clothes and in the process of socks often parted at the seams ... rivets make jeans stronger in these places.
    Rivets on jeans
  5. In addition to ventilating the legs, these openings are designed for threading laces in them. A trick for more fixation so that the sneakers do not fly off the elusive basketball player in the jump ...
    Holes in sneakers
  6. This hole on the roulette wheel is also for a reason! It can be hooked for anything, so that the tape measure does not slip when measuring.
    Roulette tip
  7. Spoon for spaghetti Projected a genius! Serrated edges - for convenience, a hole - for draining the water and ... determining the exact portion per person.
    Spoon for spaghetti
  8. Hole in a padlock provides a drain of water, if it falls inside during the rain, and even there you can pour oil, so that the castle does not rust.
    Hole in the castle
  9. These kegs on the cords are called Ferrite cores And are designed to suppress high-frequency electromagnetic interference.
    Ferrite core
  10. Between the top plug Stationery knife And its blade has a connection. Remove the cap, push the blade in the opposite direction, use the same plug to break off the blunt tip, collect everything as it was. You have a sharp knife again!
    stationery knife
  11. These protuberances on the keys help to determine, without taking your eyes off the screen, the initial position of the index fingers with the ten-finger method of typing.
    Computer keyboard
  12. These holes are made to hang rulers. What did you think?
    Wooden ruler
  13. These wings on the adapter are not for beauty: they serve for the convenience of winding the cord.
    Network adapter
  14. The hole near the camera on the phone is the back camera microphone.
    Microphone back camera phone
  15. But this way to share your favorite dragee is much more hygienic.
    Dragee tick-tak
  16. Blue part Eraser Really able to erase the track of the ballpoint pen, that's just the paper should be much denser than the notebook sheet.
    Double-sided eraser
  17. This circle-liner serves to keep carbon dioxide in the bottle.
    Lid from a plastic bottle
  18. The recess at the bottom of the bottle allows you to compensate for the pressure in the bottle after clogging. Champagne is a sparkling drink, so the cavity in the bottles for champagne is deeper than in the wine.
    A bottle of champagne
  19. Small holes in the window glass serve to stabilize the differential pressure in the cabin and overboard, and they also prevent fogging!
    Hole in the window

Some points for me have become a real discovery ... check if your friends know about it, share an article with them!