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The art of cleaning

Marie condo is a professional guidance consultant Order in the house, As well as the author of the best-selling book entitled "magic cleaning." Japanese art of bringing order home and in life. "

Marie condo method Really can be called magical. The people who followed her advice were amazed at how many unnecessary things had accumulated in their dwelling. They also noticed that they surround themselves with people who do not deserve their attention, and have rethought their views on friendship.

Marie condo magic cleaning

Art of cleaning

  1. Get rid of things that do not please
    According to the theory of Mary condo, all things can beConditionally divided into those that benefit, and those that please us with their presence. So you need to get rid of all the things that do not please you anymore.
    Marie condo magic cleaning
  2. Clear certain areas
    Mari strongly advises not to bring the situationUntil the moment when general cleaning is urgently required. Instead, an experienced consultant suggests planning cleanliness in advance, allocating 20 minutes per day per organization of a certain zone.

    Say, today you can remove the windowsill, and tomorrow order things in the closet. So you will not spoil your weekend with a spring cleaning.

    Marie condo magic cleaning

  3. Save space in the closet
    Mari believes that the availability of free spaceFor the storage of things does not contribute to its economical organization, but, on the contrary, litter the dwelling. She advises to get rid of cumbersome cabinets and purchase portable shelves. Clothes that can be stored without hangers, the counselor recommends placing in boxes, rolling things into the tubes.
    Marie condo magic cleaning
  4. Hang clothes in the closet by colors and types
    Mari believes that clothes, like people, are comfortable in the company with similar things. The girl recommends hanging clothes in the closet from left to right, starting with warm winter things.
    Marie condo magic cleaning
  5. Use functional dividers for boxes
    An experienced consultant does not recommend buyingSystems for storing things, considering them useless junk. Instead, the girl strongly advises to purchase convenient dividers for the boxes. With their help the condo stores kitchen utensils, jewelry and various small things.
    Marie condo magic cleaning
  6. Take care of paper
    Like all Japanese, Mari is very sensitive to nature. The girl urges not to spoil the paper and use for daily records gadgets.
    Marie condo magic cleaning
  7. Maintain order in the house
    Mari believes that order in the house is not easyBeautiful and comfortable. The correct arrangement of things directly affects a person's life. Disorder interferes not only with work but also with personal life. Do not need to tell how a dirty dish can cause quarrels and scandals.
    Marie condo magic cleaning

We wish that in your house there was order, comfort and comfort! Do not forget to share with your friends these useful tips of a real professional - they will be grateful!