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Tips for life

In my childhood I wanted to have an assistant whoWill always help out, if something unpredictable and vile happens. I often stayed home alone and therefore dreamed of such a fairy-tale character who will help to glue a broken cup, save a book filled with glue, will light matches for me, because it was scary to do it.

Today Useful advice for all occasions The bunny will tell you. How nice to feel like a child, helped by an imaginary friend! Little things, not troubles, but still ...

Tips for life

Hare tips

  1. So, an important document sheds coffee. Do not hurry and fall into despair! There is a sure way to clean the paper of yellow spots of different origin, and all that is needed for this - hydrogen peroxide.
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    Know about this earlier! This ingenious method is suitable for removing stains from tea, cope with greasy stains, remove mold, which often appears in books. Book pages, I'm coming to you! See a short, but very entertaining instruction, I have no doubt that one day it will come in handy.
  2. How good that there are things in which you can be 100% sure! If I take a jar of greenery in hand, I know for sure: all fingers will be like the walls of the palace of the wizard of the emerald city.

    Quickly remove the green hair from the skin will help nail polish remover. Another means - vodka with lemon. Washing powder can also help!

    Useful tips for life

  3. if Hands smell of garlic Or onions, wash them with fairy. This cleanser removes any pungent smells: you can eat smoked fish without worrying about that its smell will replace your spirits today.
    Tips for life
  4. if The book is wet, It must be saved! This method will bring to life a paper miracle.
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    Place toilet paper between wet pages.
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    Hold the book under the press.
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    Replace several times the sheets of toilet paper between the pages, so that they completely absorbed all the water. Ready! As new ...
    Tips for life
  5. The impossible is possible! If you drop the book completely into the water, you can still rehabilitate it. Put a copy in the freezer. In the freezer there will be a process of dehydration, moisture will not eat letters, and the book will be saved! Keep it in the freezer for 2 days. Great, right?
    Tips for life
  6. I do not like chewing gum, I rarely consume them. Many like the taste of chewing gum, and the process of chewing is fascinating, but for some reason I treat them with disrespect from childhood.

    There is another way to keep your breath fresh! Dried cloves - that's what will help. Put the spice in a beautiful little bag and always carry it with you. If you need to take care of breathing, take one small clove and hold it in your mouth, slightly rassasyvaya.

    Tips for life

    Tips for life

    It is also useful for health: the spice perfectly disinfects the oral cavity! The taste is unusual, of course, but I like it.

Useful tips to make life easier, - our gold reserve, our confidence that there are no desperate situations. Share with your friends zaychimi cunnings, let them too be pleased!