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Tips Chizu Sayeki

73-year-old Chiezy saiki, A famous cosmetician from Japan, became famous after her proposed method of skin care called "lotion mask."

Chiezy saiki

Chizu recommended that women do not just wipe their face with a cotton pad dipped in lotion, and use this cosmetic product as a mask. Thanks to this trick Moisturizing the skin Occurs with maximum effect.

Chiezy saiki

Saike is considered a guru of Japanese cosmetology: 45 years of experience and authorship of many techniques for skin care, her books enjoy constant popularity throughout the world. "so simple!" Prepared a 10 rules for skin care from chiu saiki For your eternal youth and beauty.

Tips for chiu saiki

  1. Meet your face: look, touch, ask. Take it as a rule to examine your face for skewed or sagging skin. Remember: symmetry is one of the main components of beauty.
  2. More often look at the mirror and less often on the editedPhotos of models in magazines. A woman who knows her dignity and is in harmony with herself, is already beautiful! Perhaps, what seems to be a disadvantage to you, the people around you consider it worthy.
  3. Lead Audit in a cosmetic bag And get rid of all excess funds (overdueOr those that do not fit your skin). Unfortunately, not always an expensive means justifies its value: a regular lotion, if used correctly, can be much more effective than a branded product.

    You must have on your shelf: Make-up remover, scrub, lotion-tonic, eye contour cream, face cream. Of additional care products - anti-aging serum, sunscreen emulsion.

    Home cosmetic bag

  4. Home care Can be no worse than in cosmetologyCabinet! Learn how to properly use your hands: before applying, always warm your palms with a cosmetic product - its efficiency will double. Fingertips slip on the massage lines of the face, allowing the agent to absorb better.
  5. Do not use all means at the same time! If the skin is cleansed, cajoled and exfoliated constantly and beyond measure, it may lose its ability to regenerate itself. Use the means in reasonable quantities, not "overfeeding" the skin.
  6. Let the skin rest: at least once a week, arrange for her fasting day, Refusing any cosmetics (witch and decorative).
  7. Watch your food. Oily and spicy food provokes rashes. Lean on fruits, vegetables, dairy products. And most importantly - drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day!
    Nutrition for skin beauty
  8. Do not forget about Neck, Do not allow this mistake many women! On the neck the skin is even more tender than on the face, and it ages faster. Since 30 years, do not deprive this part of the body of attention.
  9. Regularly do face massage. This procedure helps the cells of the epidermis to be renewed, supports the skin in tone, returns the contours of the face clear outlines.
    face massage
  10. Use Method of care "lotion mask". Clean the face with hot water (acceptable temperature). Take a cotton napkin, moisten with water, squeeze and generously soak lotion without alcohol. Put a napkin on your face, hold for 3 minutes.

This homemade mask soothes and maximizes the hydration of the skin, perfects it and prepares it for application of the cream. See how the Saeki Chizu is carrying out this procedure!

To doubt the effectiveness of councils is not necessary, because Ms. Saeiki herself is a kind of guarantor of quality: for her respectable age, the Japanese looks very fresh!

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