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Fashion trends - 2017

Everything flows, everything changes, and fashion, as you know, does not stand still. "so simple!" Collected trends in 2016, which are so in it and will remain. Find out what will come to replace them!

Fashion trends - 2017

  1. To replace the wild, dyed-colored Eyebrows Again come natural!
    Natural form of eyebrows
  2. It is surprising that the fashion for Matte lips Lasted so long: they ruthlessly age and look unnatural. Stylists again returned satin and satin textures of lipsticks.
  3. at Eye make-up Will have to choose from two extremes: either refuse altogether from the shadows, or be painted brightly. Coffee, beige, peach shades will need to be put off ... and sorry!
    Fashionable hair shadows
  4. Curled in a tight ring strands began to take positions in the late spring-2016. Light wave on hair Looks much better - this is the decision of the stylists.
    Fashion waves on the hair
  5. Natural tone of healthy, moisturized skin - the most Main trend of 2017!! Contouring, strobing, beaking, chrome it's time to forget.
    Natural tone of the face
  6. In vogue comes back Natural color Hair without any contrast transitions: the most natural kind of hair is welcomed.
    Natural hair tone
  7. Powder Use without the effect of flicker ...
    Natural tone of the face
  8. But we allocate eyelashes under the full program!
    thick eyelashes
  9. Weaving on the hair Remains relevant, but the braids should not be tight, but as soft and relaxed as possible.
    Weaving on the hair
  10. A bun or tail, fastened on the crown, will have to be lowered to the back of the head: High stacking Go out of fashion.
    High tail

I hope that this make-up guide and hairstyles will help you navigate the fashion trends of 2017. You can share it with your friends!