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How to improve the router

He who uses Wi-fi router, Certainly knows the problem of a weak signal. This happens if the modification of the router is outdated or the layout of the apartment interferes with the passage of the signal ...

How to improve router

If the wi-fi signal in the house leaves much to be desired, use the method of amplifying the router's signal from "so simple!".

How to improve router

If to put it simply, then Wi-fi signal - this is the radio wave that the router receives through a broadband connection, and then distributes it to other devices. Through wireless adapters, mobile devices pick up this signal.

How to improve router

To turn your router into a super-powerful device by distributing a wi-fi signal, you will need a normal can (Or two, according to the number of antennas of the router).

You will need

  • stationery knife
  • Tin can (by the number of antennas of the router)
  • double sided tape


  1. With an empty and washed jar, cut the bottom.
  2. The same manipulation, and hold with the top of the can, but do not completely cut it, leave a length of about 2 centimeters.
    How to improve router
  3. Do longitudinal slit. Level the material.
    How to improve router
  4. Through the hole in the neck, put the resulting design on the antenna. So that it behaves better, use the pieces of double-sided scotch tape.
    How to improve router

See how this process looks in practice! And you can check the signal strength by downloading a special free program.

Surprisingly, but the wi-fi signal perfectly penetrates now even to the most remote room in the apartment. Be sure to tell your friends about this useful trick!