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Harm to the magnet

Magnetic field effect A person is still little studied. There are adherents of magnetotherapy - the treatment of magnets, but there are also ardent opponents of magnets who are convinced that next to a person this dangerous material should not be located.

If you have bright magnets on the refrigerator door, be sure to check this information! Especially for people who have heart problems ...

Magnets on the refrigerator kill people

Damage to a magnet

Many consider magnets on the fridge a wonderful decoration. You can bring them from travel, give as a small souvenir, attach important notes to the refrigerator.

I personally do not really like refrigerators,Dotted with bright small details: it spoils the interior, vulgarizes it. But, as they say, the taste and color ... unfortunately, the problem of using magnets is not only aesthetic.

Magnets on the refrigerator photo

Magnets are of two kinds. Dark gray, almost black magnets - are completely safe for a person to the delight of all fans hanging their refrigerator with popular souvenirs. Gray and silver-gray magnets represent a health hazard. They are made of a material called Neodymium.

Neodymium magnets are dangerous for all people withPacemakers: as a result of interaction with a magnet device can stop working. So that a person with a heart device should just be at a distance close to the magnet (3-4 cm). It can cause death ...

Than bad magnets on the refrigerator

Human magnetic field - a fragile substance, experts say according to feng shui. Feng Shui does not forbid you to hang magnets on the refrigerator and use them in the interior in various ways, but calls to be careful.

In no case should the doorFridge with food there were images of people and animals! It will transfer negative energy to food. Such energy absorbed with food can cause illness and poverty. One who cares about his health and respects the practice of feng shui should take these helpful recommendations into account.

Magnets on the refrigerator harm

It is important to monitor the use of magnets ifThe house has children! Small magnets may well be swallowed, and very large may accidentally fall on the head of a baby. At the same time, special magnetic games for children are a popular entertainment. The main thing is to buy high-quality, safe toys.

Magnets on the refrigerator are harmful or not

Magnets pose a serious danger to people with pacemakers! Tell this article to friends, because many do not know this medically confirmed fact.