/ How to Grow Teeth

How to grow a teeth

To grow new teeth, Even in 3 rows, everyone will soon be able to! Professor Dzhermi Mao from Columbia University proposed a new revolutionary technology that will allow to forget about drills, implants, dentures and other dental joys.

The problem is that the implant installation requires repeated visits to the doctor and is often accompanied by pain, discomfort and inflammation ... but the professor Mao went the other way!

How to grow teeth

The doctor developed Technology of growing teeth Directly in an empty alveolus, and this method has revolutionized the world of dentistry.

How to grow teeth

Dzhermi mao made of natural materials made a frame, which in shape was similar to a real tooth, and placed in it Growth stimulant. To the experimental animal, he introduced the rudiment of such a tooth into an empty alveolus. The porous structure of the framework allowed the stem cells of the animal's organism to migrate into this structure.

On average 9 weeks later, the subjects developed teeth that ideally took root with the restoration of periodontal ligaments.

The result of the discovery of Professor Mao: from now on, it was possible to grow a tooth in the patient's mouth in just 9 weeks.

Well, we will wait for the soonest application of the newTechnology in our clinics! Dzhermi mao gave us hope that soon one will not have to endure long and painful manipulations at a dentist's reception, and, having pulled out Sick tooth, To grow a new one in its place.

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