/ How to remove a stone on the leg

How to remove the stone on the leg

I remember one day in a biology classI felt really terrible. We studied something related to genetics, and the teacher told us about what genetic diseases are inherited.

As a vivid example, she led a bone on her leg. Enlarged bone, Ugly and painful, as the teacher described in detail, is inherited by the female line. If your mother or grandmother had such a disease - surely you have it ...

My mother always suffered from this problem. And no wonder she worked for 30 years as an operating nurse, was constantly on her feet. When the teacher told me about genetics, I immediately remembered my mother's long-suffering legs and thought: Will I really have the same? Children are always pretty impressionable, and I almost burst into tears right at the lesson.

Bone on leg treatment at home

How to remove the stone on the leg

The teacher of biology was only partially right. By inheritance, the shape of the foot, predisposition to deformation and bone growth is transmitted. If you take care of the foot, wear the right shoes, do not load the foot heavily, watch the body weight, do not freeze, everything will be all right.

Sometimes I have The bone on the leg hurts. It is increased, although much less than that of the mother. All because of the cramped and uncomfortable shoes I wore as a child. Complained to her mother of the pain in the bone, and that's what she told me to do. So do the nurses in their hospital, most of them suffer from this problem.

You will need

  • Oil solution for topical application of "chlorophyllipt"
  • Dimexide
  • Cotton wool for compress
  • Syringe 5 ml
  • A plastic cup or any other container for the preparation of a solution

Application of

  1. Take a syringe and collect 3 cubes of "chlorophyllipt" oil solution. Pour the liquid into a plastic cup or any other clean container.
    Bone on leg treatment at home
  2. Then dial 1 cube of "Dimexide" and mix the drug with "chlorophyllipt".
    The bone on the leg hurts
  3. Apply the medicinal mixture on a cotton swab and put it on the bone. This procedure should be done in the morning and in the evening, keep the compress 15 minutes.

if The bone on the leg grows And you sometimes feel pain and discomfort inThis area, by all means try this saving recipe. Making such a compress in the evening, the next morning you will feel relief! All thanks to the miraculous anti-inflammatory effect of drugs.

In the TB dispensary, where myMum, "chlorophyllipt" is generally considered a medicine "from everything." They rinse their throats, treat skin diseases, doctors advise each other a drug like a panacea. I tried it on my own experience and is very happy!

Share this recipe with your friends! I have no doubt that he will help many.