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Live here and now

When you felt really happyLast time, dear reader? Happy as a child? There is one practice that will help you experience positive emotions much more often and be always calm, full of dignity, whatever happens. Today you will learn about it. We will tell, How to learn to live here and now.

"Yesterday already in the past. Tomorrow has not come yet. There is only today. now". An amazingly simple theory, right? And just as complicated a practice ... we live here and now, but we are completely unaware of this. Act on the machine. All the blame, strangely enough, the goal. Too many goals. An endless race without a hint of finish.

Meet the experience Steven Shapiro, A successful businessman, author and lecturer withWorld name. Steven is a former goal-teller, but, as it seemed to him, a man of purpose. Once he lost everything. Peace, family, work and hope for the future. Fell into the vicious circle of career goals and the accumulation of material wealth and could not get out of it. Plunged to the very bottom.

To find myself again, Steven sold outProperty, moved out of the apartment and went on a car journey of 20,000 km in length. This journey and more than 150 interviews, which he gave on the way, became for him a source of a new philosophy. Philosophy of life without goals, here and now, for 10 years inspiring millions of people around the world.

How to be happy

Live here and now

  1. Live so that it is in joy
    How to be happy

    To live without goals, it is necessary to give meaningEvery day lived. Do what you like, what's nice, saturate time with special and vivid events. Do not exist - live! It does not matter what tomorrow will be like. Appreciate what makes sense today, enjoy every moment.
  2. Move on the compass, and not on the map
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    Ask the direction of your life, based onAspirations and hobbies - let it be your compass. But do not try to plan your whole life and avoid categorical decisions. Let always there will be an opportunity to change a way, stepping in the necessary direction.
  3. Do not be afraid to roll up wrong
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    In fact, the right or wrong decisionsno. There are simply solutions. There are no failures either - only opportunities for personal growth. If it seems that the turn does not make sense, think of it as a chance to get a new experience.
  4. Search adventure
    The secret of happiness

    Make your life unusual and unexpected even for yourself. Change your place of residence and work, try to do something new. Explore and improvise!
  5. Be always ready
    How to be happy

    Opportunities are waiting for us at every corner, but we are notAre always ready to accept them. Look carefully around, and you'll see something that you did not notice before. Most often the most important pointers are under our noses.
  6. Be a magnet that attracts people
    How to live here and now

    Do not need to plan dating, most importantly -Get out into places where there are people. When you communicate with people, share them, tell about your aspirations. Sometimes life changes dramatically due to those people from whom you can least expect it.
  7. Admit that you are not perfect
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    Each has sides that he does not seekTo show the world. But do not try to fight yourself and look perfect. Identify your shortcomings and look at them as a source of strength. Deficiencies are part of your personality, they make you unique.
  8. Do not tune in for a specific result
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    Act without tied to the result, keep emotional independence. Do not strive for big money, carry valuables to this world, help others. The world and people will reciprocate you.

Do not worry if you can not immediately applyAll eight secrets. Start with what's easier, but do not stop anymore. Do every day at least one step, and one day your life will be absolutely happy without any effort. Just start! after all Happiness is here...

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