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New technologies in construction

One who lived in uncomfortable and difficult conditions,Who had to share a room with several people for whom own home is an unattainable dream, are now being touched. There are people who are worried about this topic, although they have everything in order! The progressive architect tried and came up with something similar to a miracle ...

Bricks that resemble a lego designer! The genius of this idea is difficult to overestimate. Housing problem Is relevant all over the world, engineers and architectsTirelessly trying to find suitable solutions. To your attention, dear reader, we present an absolutely amazing project ... that's what you need to give the Nobel Prize for, I believe!

New modern building technologies Should be budgetary and help as many people as possible to find their home. It seems we are on the way to great changes!

New technologies in construction

Mexican company Omega And architect Jorge captain Have developed an ideal product to eliminate housing shortages. These are bricks of a bizarre shape, reminiscent of fragments of the puzzle.

New technologies in building houses

Use of these bricks in constructionReduces the time of building a house by as much as 50%! Thanks to the convenient functional form of the details, even a child can erect walls. Do not need any extra effort, there is no need to smear every brick with a solution, instead, just fill it in a special hole.

New technologies in the construction of private houses

In bricks there are special holesFor the cable, which makes it easier to carry out, there are also cavities for pipes. The main goal of this project is to create a progressive technology, thanks to which it will be possible to provide housing for all unfortunate people huddling in shacks and garbage dumps. And not only them ...

New technologies in construction 2016

It is planned to develop various textures and colors of such wonderful bricks. Several factories in Mexico have already applied for patents for their mass production.

New construction

That's how things work! The laying of bricks is extremely fast. Even I, a person very far from building, realize the value of this invention. Awesome video!

The housing issue will always be relevant. How the soul lives in the human body, and this is natural, so the body needs to be inhabited somewhere, the house is our peculiar continuation.

New materials and technologies in construction Give hope to thousands of homeless people. An invention that I want to tell everyone. Tell him about it to your friends, let them know!