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Dimples on the lower back

If you have tempting dimples on your back, you are very lucky! Dimples of Venus - a characteristic external feature, which is inherited.

More prominent are these notches in people who do not have problems with being overweight and are engaged in sports. And that's what this stunning feature means ...

Dimples on the lower back photo


Cute dimples are located at the junctionPelvic bones. They indicate good blood circulation and good health both in men and women. Such women usually easily give birth to children, without any complications.

There are also studies showing that Women with dimples on the back Easier to reach orgasm! In addition, these lucky people have multiple orgasms - a welcome, but not too common phenomenon.

Rhomboid Michelangelo, rhombus mihaelisa - as soon as they do not call this special place. Many men consider this symptom very sexual, and, as it turned out, not in vain!

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