/ How to remove gel-varnish from nails

How to remove gel-varnish from nails

If you at least occasionally apply gel-lacquer in the cabin, I want to warn you: do not engage in amateur activities, if you do not know, How to remove gel-lacquer at home Without damage to the nails. Do it right, it's not for nothing that specialists pay enough time to remove gel-lacquer and produce clever manipulations.

Full update of the nail occurs every six months! This means that if you hurried and thoughtlessly injured your nails when removing varnish, they will not soon return their strength and decent appearance. Our article will help you learn how to remove shellac at home, without assistance and with minimal risk of harm to nails.

Gel varnish for short nails

How to remove gel-nail polish

Some women completely rejectGel-varnish: it seems to them that the condition of the nails deteriorates after the application of the coating, the nail becomes more brittle, thin. Probably, it is connected with individual features of a nail plate and with that in what way you remove gel-varnish. On my nails the gel coating affected perfectly: the nails were strengthened, they acquired a beautiful shape.

The only thing that bothered me wasA mandatory visit to the salon to remove the cover. Why spend too much time if you can do it at home? I tried to learn as much as possible about the issue of interest, and that's what I noted for myself.

Some masters recommend and allow removalGel-varnish with ordinary acetone: it was applied to cotton wool, it was wrapped in foil and ready. It turns out that you can not do this under any circumstances! The toxic liquid that is under the foil, corrodes the cuticle and nail plate. It not only delivers uncomfortable sensations - burning and itching, but also severely destroys the nail plate.

To remove gel-lacquer painlessly and safely for nails, you need to use Special means for removing gel-varnish!! It is sold everywhere and there are options that are not much higher than the cost of the usual means for removing varnish. But they are less toxic!

You will need

  • Aluminium Foil
  • Wooden sticks
  • Shovel
  • cotton pad
  • Wadding
  • Liquid for removing the gel layer
  • Medical alcohol

Procedure for the procedure

  1. Wash your hands, treat them with alcohol. Soften and remove the cuticle. Gently follow the nail file on the surface of gel-lacquer, removing it with light movements.
    Gel lacquer manicure
  2. Prepare cut in half wadded disks or small pieces of cotton wool.
  3. Cut the foil into 10 pieces.
  4. Moisten with liquid for removing gel-varnish cotton wool or cotton wool.
  5. Put cotton wool on each nail, tightly wrap it with foil.
    Gel lacquer at home
  6. Hold your nails wrapped for 15 minutes.
  7. Remains of gel-varnish remove with a wooden stick, wipe your nails with a napkin dry.
    Gel lacquer video

In no case do you need to scrape the nail again, especially with a metal nail file! This is very harmful for the enamel of the nail plate. Please watch a video on how to safely remove gel-lacquer!

Perfectly strengthens the nails Gelatinous mask, Which can be done immediately after the procedureRemoval of gel-varnish! Dissolve a bit of gelatin in warm water, let it swell. Hold your fingers in the gelatin mixture for 15 minutes. The nails will get shiny and strengthen, the cuticle will become tender-tender. By all means try a wonderful tool!

Gel lacquer video

now you know, How to remove gel-lacquer at home!! It may not have been news to you, but now you will handle the nails more neatly. Share with your friends useful material, they too can come in handy!