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How to start a car if the battery

You just need this information, if you ever Started a car At zero charge of the battery. Great news - this time you will not need help from outside!

"so simple!" Shares with you an effective lifhak: how to start the engine of your car with just a simple cloth belt or tape.

How to start the car, if the battery

You will need

  • Jack (small, podkatnoy)
  • Cloth belt (or dense fabric tape)

step-by-step instruction

  1. Raise one of the driving wheels with a jack (depending on the drive of the machine) and lock the wheel in this position.
    How to start a car
  2. Pull the handbrake and turn on the third gear.
    Hand brake in the car
  3. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the starting position.
    Ignition key in the car
  4. Now gently wind the wheel with a cloth strap or tape several times clockwise and move the machine forward. Hold the free edge of the belt firmly in your hands.
    How to start a car photo
  5. With a sharp movement of the hand, pull the belt with all the force so that the wheel spins at a good speed.

In this way, when the wheel moves, an imitation of the "pushing of the machine" effect is obtained, as a result of which the engine starts to work and the car is started.

It should be remembered: this trick is suitable only for Machines with manual transmission.

Well, from now on for you a discharged car battery - no problem! Be sure to share this valuable information with your friends!