/ How to cook a brewed dough

How to cook a brewed dough

Delicate brewed cakes - amazing tasteAir test, familiar with the very childhood, almost every sweet. But even the most scrupulous mistresses do not always have the mastery of preparing that very bubbly A custard batter for eclairs, Often postpone intricate recipes aside, not daring to take on them.

Redaction "so simple!" Not afraid of culinary experiments, and so today we happily share with you 7 tested lifhakas that will make your dough perfect for any custard dessert!

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How to cook a brewed dough

  1. Follow the boiling point. Capricious pastry dough does not suffer negligence! Be sure to follow the prescribed proportions of ingredients and do not let the water boil out in a saucepan, otherwise the dough may lose its airiness and become thick.
    Too thick custard batter
  2. The secret of "flour assault". Continuously and lightly pour the flour into the liquidComponent of the test! The coveted masterpieces do not like slowness. In order to quickly pour the flour into the dough, use a sheet of paper folded in half, from which the flour will be poured at the speed you need. Do not forget to mix everything thoroughly!
  3. Bulgakov's secret, or the rule of "fatal eggs". The essence is simple: the temperature of the hot dough should be ideal for the eggs to dissolve in it, and not insidiously welded.
    Eggs for dough
  4. Wet baking sheet. Be sure to moisten the baking sheet over the oil before baking the dough. Only with the necessary moisture buns and cakes will be able to rise and not burn.
  5. A secret of a teaspoon. Put the dough on a baking tray with a teaspoon! One spoon is suitable for the shape of round cakes, two teaspoons - ideal for a portion of the eclair.
    Cakes in the oven
  6. Preheating oven. Always let the oven warm up strictly to 180 ° C and bake the brewed dough only at this temperature. With the given parameter you will have an ideal "climate" for air dessert.
    Oven temperature
  7. Do not open the oven until baking is complete!! If you open the oven before, the cakes will simply be blown away and lose their splendor.

With these secrets any air test recipe and Custard cakes at home You on the shoulder!

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Boldly improve your confectionery skills and abilities.

And be sure to share these culinary delicacies with your friends and family!