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How to make an ottoman with your own hands

You probably know that not all plastic bottles are suitable for processing. "so simple!" With respect and love refers to our planet and offers you to use unnecessary plastic to create a dacha or home interior, namely - to make your own hands a wonderful Ottoman from plastic bottles!!

How to make an ottoman with your own hands

You will need

  • 19 identical in size plastic bottles
  • Adhesive tape
  • Stapler
  • 2 plywood sheets
  • Stuffed material (any)
  • Cladding cloth
  • Decorating material

step-by-step instruction

  1. Take 7 bottles and tightly connect them with adhesive tape. Then circle the remaining 12 bottles and also clip them with scotch tape.
    Plastic bottles in the country
  2. Now take up plywood sheets. From them it is necessary to cut out circles that will correspond to the diameter of the seating of the puff, and therefore - make them 2-3 cm larger than the diameter of the circle, which creates the bottles fastened together.
    Plywood photo
  3. Attach each of the plywood sheets to the bottles,Top and bottom, covering the bottom and creating a solid base for the seat. Then drilled in sheets of 9 holes to the plastic and fix the entire assembly structure with screws.
  4. Continue to the material of the skin. The fleece or polyester is the best. From the bottom to the top wrap the material with the entire surface of the pouffe and fix the skin on the bottom of the pouffe with a stapler. From above leave a place for stuffing.
    Upholstery for ottoman
  5. Filler can be any soft material. Densely distributed it over the entire surface of the puffi seating. Then you can cover the stuffed material with a cloth covering, stapling it with a stapler.
    Filler for puff
  6. Choose the right material for yourDecorating the pouf. Pre-measuring the diameter of the seat of the ottoman, taking into account the skin and stuffing material, and also leaving 2 cm for the fabric allowance (bonding place), start cutting two circles.

    Then take another piece of material and cut out the "cylinder" from which the pouf will be wrapped.

    Owl pattern

  7. Go to the creation of the cover. First carefully join the edges of the cylindrical part, then attach the fabric bottom to the cylinder.
    Material for puffin
  8. After this, put the pouch cover so that the pouf bottom is covered with the material, and the top remains bare.
    Puff sleeve
  9. The final touch: the upper circumference of the cover (seat) is carefully attached with a stapler from the rest of the cover.



Such an uncomplicated way you can do not just Ottoman, But a whole sofa for a spiritual company!

Now you know what can be done from plastic bottles!
Share this unusual idea with your friends! They will appreciate your fresh look at the usual things.