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How to choose meat

In almost every family, meat products occupy a certain expenditure item. But we must admit that today, even with a visible abundance Quality meat Not everyone succeeds, especially when it comes to market stalls and unspecialized supermarkets. Sellers have learned to cover the flaws of stale or unlicensed goods skillfully.

"so simple!" Decided to share with you the best advice of experts of meat shops on how to check Safety of meat products, Not departing from the counter.

Choose quality meat

How to choose meat

Professional advice on choosing meat

  1. Fresh meat never breaks up into fibers. Touch a piece of meat with your hands, it should not separate, even if you pull it in different directions.
  2. Pay attention to the color of the meat. It should be homogeneous, without different shades. Ask the seller to cut a piece of meat to look at the inner fibers.
  3. Check the meat again to the touch: it should be moderately soft and elastic. There should be no crunching or seals.
  4. Buy meat in the morning. So you have more chances to find fresh and quality goods on the market counters.
  5. Check the documents, do not be lazy! You have the right to ask to read the documents for the goods. Pay attention to the conclusions of experts, as well as carefully study the following information: f. and. about. The supplier; Data on the place where the meat products were taken from; Type and category of products presented.


  1. Colour: light pink.
  2. In a cut and to the touch: There should be no blood in the ideal.
  3. Presence of sebaceous streaks: there is. Should not exfoliate from the muscle fiber.
  4. Features: If you choose a part of the neck, then the fat should be slightly embossed. The presence of smooth fat in this part indicates a foreign product of questionable quality.
    Pork meat pictures


  1. Colour: Saturated red.
  2. In a cut and to the touch: Soft, moderately elastic. Without blood. Push on the fibers, the meat should not remain hollow.
  3. Presence of sebaceous streaks: It happens in a small amount. Thin in appearance.
  4. Features: Must be present meat and milk smell.
    Beef meat pictures


  1. Colour: light red.
  2. In a cut and to the touch: Soft, gentle. The color in the section must coincide with the outer fibers. If, in your opinion, meat of a darker shade, perhaps it's beef. Be vigilant!
  3. Features: Strictly smell of melted milk!
    Veal meat pictures


  1. Colour: Rich red with burgundy tinge.
  2. In a cut and to the touch: When pressing on the fibers should be allocated a little blood. It shows a fresh product. Also pay attention to the purity of the fibers: there should not be veins and film!
  3. Features: A pronounced milk smell.
    Lamb meat photo


  1. Colour: Strictly white with an interlayer of gently pink orReddish meat fibers. Take a closer look: if the white part of the fat is yellow or pink, it means that the fat is stale or put up for sale right after slaughtering. If the interlayers have a blackish shade, this also indicates the age of the product.
  2. In a cut and to the touch: Elastic and dense. It should not be too soft!
  3. Sandpaper: Pay attention to the appearance and thickness of the skin. Ideally: thin, clean and without hair. In the opposite case, it can talk about an infected product.
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Just follow these practical advice of experts when choosing meat products. With them you no longer have to be afraid of buying low-quality meat and worry about your health.

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Be vigilant and take care of yourself. And still be sure to inform your friends about what you learned, and share our article with your loved ones!