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Window decoration

We all want to feel comfortable, spend time awayFrom prying eyes, while watching the passers-by and enjoy the rays of the morning sun. What to do if you hate boring curtains on the windows, and you want to keep the privacy of your private life?

Do not lose heart, at the editorial office "so simple!" There is a brilliant solution to this problem! This is a lace veil on the window. Surprised? Then find out how Decorate the windows of the house.

This is the cheapest, easy and fastest Window decor, Which you can carry out with your own hands.

Window decor with own hands

Window decor

You will need

  • lace
  • 2 tbsp. L. Cornstarch
  • 2 tbsp. L. Cold water
  • 1.5 tbsp. hot water
  • scissors
  • brush


  1. Choose a beautiful and feminine lace with a smooth edge. Cut a rectangular piece of the right size from it.
    Decor of the window in the bedroom
  2. Using a brush, apply a thick layer of starch jelly on the window panes. For its preparation mix cornstarch with cold water, then fill this mixture with boiling water.
    Decor window photo
  3. Gluing lace blanks on the windows.
    Window decor in the kitchen
  4. Bring another thick layer of jelly over the lace with chaotic brush movements, paying great attention to the edges of the window.
    Decor of the window in the living room
  5. The most beautiful thing in using lace is that it does not show blisters, and if there are gaps, you can just stick a strip of lace on top.
    The decor of the window in the hall

In less than an hour you will create an elegant solution that will make your personal space a secret for prying eyes. And if you want to remove the lace, just wash the window with warm water.

Window decor without curtains

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