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CCTV Cameras

Most people do not know about the widespread use of surveillance devices, such as Coated with a thin layer of metal glass, Called gesell mirrors, or trivial hidden CCTV cameras.

You may not like it, but they watch you.

Hidden cameras with powerful batteries

CCTV cameras

Modern technologies make it possible to place surveillance devices almost everywhere: shopping centers, hotels, bars and restaurants, other public places, as well as private use. Mini cameras for hidden video surveillance Captivated the world!

And although in our time, video surveillance, of course,Serves for the benefit of public safety, none of us wants to be under the watchful eye all day long. Especially when it comes to personal space.

Hidden cameras with powerful batteries

If you have suspicions about the presence of a pair of invisible eyes, use the following simple methods For detection of the means of mass shadowing. So you'll be sure that your personal space is not broken.

Video surveillance photo


If you notice that your reflection has nodded to you (joke!), Try to check the mirror for authenticity. Because we know that there are unilateral mirrors, in science called Mirrors of gezell.

Inherently it is a simple glass, on the one handCovered with a thin layer of metal, which serves to reflect light (a typical property of mirrors). On the other hand, the mirror looks like a darkened window, through which you can observe everything that happens in the room.

How to reveal the mirror-like observation

  1. Inspect carefully the mirror surface. A simple inspection of the mirror in the room is a paramount security measure.

    Take a closer look and learn the fixings and locationMirrors: whether it is suspended with bolts, is strongly attached to the wall, is it built into the wall itself without any extraneous attachments. Usually a two-way mirror is a continuation of the wall itself and looks like it's poured.

    Hidden CCTV

  2. Knock on the glass. Tap the surface of the mirror with knucklesFingers. If you're dealing with a two-way mirror, tapping will be with a booming sound and a faint echo, because there's another room on the other side.
  3. Look through the mirror! Yes, yes, it is possible, if it really goesAbout the mirrors of Gezell. Do it simply: lean close to the mirror as close as possible, and close your eyes from the light, as if you are holding binoculars. Look, maybe you can see the outline of the room on the other side of the glass.
  4. Use lighting. Enlighten the glass surface with a manualFlashlight or application on your smartphone. Turn off the light in the room and place the included lightbulb near the glass. If it is a double-sided mirror, you will certainly see the room behind it.
  5. Feel it out! When you lightly press your fingertips on the mirror,We, as a rule, do not see contact with our reflection. There is always a small space between the reflection of the finger and the surface. In the case of the mirror of Gezella you will be able to "feel" your reflection. Your finger will be fully in contact with the reflection.
    CCTV cameras

How to recognize hidden video surveillance

  1. Use the mobile app! Which can be simpler and at the same time more effective than a special application for detecting hidden cameras. Look in the app store or android and without any problems download the most convenient for yourself.
    Hidden CCTV
  2. Check portable devices and mobile communication devices. Alas, for today it is enoughA common method of observation are various devices with modern technologies. This is our smartphones, tablets and other types of equipment with a built-in video camera. If there is such a "video agent", any device for detecting external cameras will fail.
    Hidden CCTV
  3. Watch the flashing lights. We are talking about flashing indicators located in different devices - from the modem to the micro-sensors of fire safety. As a rule, they have a green or red illumination.

    In a room with hidden cameras, you can easily detect flashing lights in the corners of rooms or on the ceiling. These are built-in devices with indicators, they can even be under tables and in cabinets.

Informed - means armed. Be vigilant, know the laws and take care of your right to privacy and confidentiality. And still be sure to share these tips with your friends!