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Air conditioning with own hands

Perhaps there is nothing worse than the summer heat, whenThe thermometer's column jumps above +40! Endless wanderings in search of a shadow and ice cubes will not be saved here. Will only help cool the air conditioner ... we found an easy way to create this unit at home, besides a very budgetary and portable model.

Remember for the future, How to make an air conditioner yourself, Because the winter will fly by quickly! At least, we hope for it with all our heart ...

Air conditioning by one's own hands

Air conditioning by one's own hands

You will need

  • 1 fan
  • 2 copper tubes
  • 2 flexible plastic tubes
  • Nipples for copper tubes
  • Plastic clips
  • Metal fixing clamps
  • Bucket
  • Small water pump


  1. Take two copper tubes. Placing one of the tubes in the front of the fan, start to twist it in turns, forming a spiral from the outer edge of the fan to the center. Then continue the spiral with the help of a second copper tube, twisting it to the very core of the fan.

    It is important that between the coils of the spiral there are always small gaps to allow air to pass through.

    Air conditioning by one's own hands

  2. Connect the two inner tips of the copper tubes with the help of nipples. Thus, one long copper tube is formed, forming a large integral spiral.
    Air conditioning by one's own hands
  3. Align the turns of the spiral and make sure that the entire front part of the fan is completely covered with them.
  4. Fix the turns of the helix with plastic clips, catching them to the metal grille of the fan. The tips of the clamps can be cut by wire cutters.
  5. Take a flexible plastic tube and attach itEnd to one of the ends of a copper spiral (one tip is located in the center, the second terminates the outer part of the spiral). Insert the copper tube into the plastic tube. Then tightly secure the clutch with a metal clamp to prevent water leakage. Do the same process with the second plastic tube and the second tip of the spiral.
    Air conditioning by one's own hands
  6. Place in a container or bucket a little ice, clean water and a small pump.
  7. Wrap the free ends of the plastic tubes behind the fan towards the container (bucket). Connect one end of the plastic tube to the pump, the other just drop it into the container with water and ice.
    Air conditioning by one's own hands
  8. Turn on the fan. The device will start its work and lower the temperature of the air in the room by 5-10 degrees.
    Air conditioning by one's own hands

Homemade air conditioner Can produce everyone! Look how this practical thing is created.

The portable air conditioner is ready for use!

Enjoy your health and do not forget to share this ingenious invention with your friends. Many will have an old fan that is gathering dust!