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Marking of car tires

If you have a car, read this articleCertainly! Not for the sake of idle interest: information about marking tires will save a good amount and make the right choice among a variety of such important automotive outfits. Actually read before the winter season!

Marking of car tires

Marking of car tires

  1. Tire size
    The most important parameter! The first digit in the index is the width of the tire in millimeters, the second is the height of the profile as a percentage of the width. Followed by a letter indicating the design of the tire, and a figure indicating the landing diameter of the tire in inches.

    For example, the designation 195/65 r15 stands forSo: the width of the bus 195 mm, the height of the profile - 126.75 mm (65% of the width), r - the tire of the radial design (there are still diagonal, but they are practically not found today), the landing diameter for installation on the disk is 15 inches.

    Sometimes in such an index there is no indication of the height of the profile (for example, 195 r15). This means that its value exceeds 80%. Such tires are called Full-profile. Often they are completed with vans and miniature trucks.

  2. Index or load factor
    Is denoted by numbers from 0 to 130, but the most common range is from 71 to 110. Each combination has its own allowable load on the tire in kilograms.

    Sometimes producers point directly to theTire its carrying capacity (in particular, it is mandatory for tires admitted for sale in the US). In this case on the sidewall you can see the inscription max load and the load value in kilograms and British pounds. For example, max load 515 kg (1135 lbs).

    Marking of car tires

  3. Rate index
    Is denoted by Latin letters and tells about the movement with what maximum speed the tire is calculated.
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  4. Rainforced
    Such an inscription reports a reinforced tire frame,Which is relevant for tires intended for commercial vehicles. So often instead of the word reinforced on the sidewall, the manufacturer simply adds the letter c (which means commercial) to the tire parameter designation. For example, 195/65 r15 c.
  5. Country of tire manufacturer
    For example, made in france - made in France, made in germany - made in Germany.
  6. Outside of tire
    For tires with an asymmetric tread pattern, an external body-relative side is marked on the sidewall. It is labeled outwards, out, side facing outwards, etc.
  7. Optimal conditions for tire operation
    M + s - mud + snow: Dirt plus snow.
    As - all season: All-weather.
    Aw - any weather: any weather.
    Aquatred, aquacontact Or an icon in the form of an umbrella - special rain tires.
    Snowflake icon - tires for severe winter conditions.

    If on the sidewall there are no such signs, then the tire can be used only in the summer, in warm weather.

    Marking of car tires

  8. Bus execution
    Can be chamber or tubeless. Is denoted tube type (tm) or tubeless (tl), respectively.
  9. Certification mark
    On tires approved for operation in Europe byRule No. 30 of the United Nations, it is a letter e inscribed in the circle and a digital index corresponding to the country that issued the permit. For example, for Russia in this list is fixed number 22. Then follows a long set of numbers - the number of the certificate of compliance with standards.

    Tires conforming to US standards,In addition, they bear the dot designation, in which the data not only about the test report number, but also about the tire manufacturer is encrypted. For example, dot μr4 ajor.

  10. Name or logo of the tire manufacturer
    For example, michelin, good year, yokohama.
  11. Tire model
    For example, energy, sp sport 9000, turanza er300.
  12. Additional notation
    Date of tire release. This is a four-digit figure like 1109, which means: 11th week of production in 2009.

    Regrooveable - tire with the possibility of additional deepening of the tread.

    Twi (tread wear indication) - such a sign on the sidewall of the tire indicatesPlacement of the wear indicator on the tread (recall that in Russia its depth should be not less than 1.6 mm). Usually this symbol is applied around the circumference in six places.

    It can be done in different ways. For many manufacturers the indicator is a simple protrusion in the groove of the tread. When they become equal in height - the tire should be sent for recycling.

    In more advanced models, the indicator looks like a set of numbers indicating the residual height of the tread. As its wear and tear, the numbers are gradually erased.

    Marking of car tires

    The highest pressure - maximum pressure in the cold tire. Is usually indicated in pounds per square inch (1psi = 0.0069 MPa) or units of bar, practically equal to the atmosphere.

    Arrow, sometimes with the inscription rotation, Shows the required direction of rotation of the tire with a directional tread pattern.

    Tread wear index - index of wear resistance. A conditional value indicating how long the tire is. For example, a tire with a designation of 200 should theoretically have twice the resource than an analog with an index of 100. but in practice this is achievable only under ideal conditions of a test site or laboratory where there are no influences such as driving style of the driver, E.

    Traction index - index of the coupling properties of the tire (a - excellent,B - average, c - satisfactory). Is determined in the process of testing at a special test site by a special method. It mainly assesses the quality of braking, and not the stability in turns.

    Temperature index - temperature index (a - excellent, b -Average, c - satisfactory). This indicator determines the tire's resistance to high temperatures. The higher the score, the less the tire changes its properties when heated. Tests are carried out in the laboratory on a special stand.

    Colored dots (White, red, yellow) on the sidewall indicateThe easiest place of the tire is relative to the center of its rotation. As the source claims, it is here that the valve should be installed. If the yellow (white) and red marks are present simultaneously on the tire, the latter is located in the heaviest place of the tire.

    Also on the bus there are sometimes signs that indicate its special properties. In particular, tires Runflat (Rsc - runflat system component) allowSome time to move with a punctured wheel. In addition, there are models that protect the rim of the disk. As a rule, such tires are used by premium car manufacturers.

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