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TV selection

That awkward moment when you buy the mostPlush plasma, and the TV, instead of making you happy, causes a headache, and, even worse, from the brightness of his screen, your eyes ache. Offended? With editorial advice "so simple!" Choosing a TV will no longer be a problem.

How to choose a TV with a large diagonal

TV selection

The main thing is to know the dimensions of the room and selectTV, focusing on them. Not to spoil the vision, the distance between your eyes and the TV screen should be 3-4 diagonals of the screen, and if the screen is liquid crystal - 2-3 diagonals.

Should also take into account that some manufacturers in the TV's passport indicate Diagonal size The visible part of the screen, and others - full size, including the part hidden by the body. Sometimes both are indicated.

TV selection

It is also important to follow the general rules Safe use of your TV. It is better to install it so that the center of the image is at a height of 70 centimeters from the floor.

If you plan to put the TV in a niche, thenTake into account that between its body and the walls of the niche there must always be gaps to ensure free air circulation. It is not welcomed to hit the direct sunlight on the body, and even more so on the TV screen.

How to choose a TV

But now we give a small example. For a comfortable viewing of 40-inch plasma, the distance from its screen to the viewer should be at least 3-4 meters, and if the panel on the TV is liquid crystal - 2-3 meters. That is, the size of the room should be at least 14 m².

How to choose a safe TV

Rather use our advice and enjoy a safe viewing of your favorite TV shows and movies. Do not forget to share information with your friends!