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What to do if the back hurts

Millions of people around the world are experiencing daily Severe back pain. Medicine does not stand still, but only a few guess that there are methods that remove backache Without drug treatment.

Back pain in the morning

"so simple!" Wants to share with you the secrets of the traditional Chinese technique, widely known as acupuncture. With it you completely forget about the ointment or Painkillers. They will not need you anymore!

Needles for acupuncture

The technique of acupuncture treatment is famous for effective treatment results even with the most chronic problems with the back.

In our body are thousands of energy channels, which in acupuncture is usually called meridians. If the flow of energy along the meridians is violated, various diseases arise.

Meridians of our body

Masters of acupuncture massage believe that whenAny disease is sufficient only to have a positive effect on the necessary points on the meridians, with the stimulation of which the energy flow is established and the illness leaves the person.

What to do if the back hurts

If you do not leave pain in the back and joints, perform these actions:

  1. Carefully consider and study the location of the Acupuncture points Before the self-massage.
  2. Point gb-29
    Find a given point at the junction of the thigh and pelvis. Gently push it with your fingertips. This point will remove the joint pain in the joints and in the lower back.
    Points on hips
  3. Point gb-30
    In combination with the impact on the previous point, pressure on the gv-30 can ease pain in the shoulders, hips and lumbar spine.
    Hip pictures
  4. Point ub-54
    In addition to the previous push on this point, you not only eliminate the pain in the back and hips, but also relax the muscles of the whole body. Complete relaxation will positively affect your health.
    Back of the knee

Now you know how quickly to remove the pain in the back! Regularly stimulate these points with a massage, and the pain in your back will not disturb you more.

Take care of your health and by all means share this wonderful article with your friends and relatives!