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The recipe for hair growth at home

Long-haired beauties will certainly shout it in one voice: to achieve perfect beauty and length of hair you will need a lot of effort and time.

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Medicine will hasten to recall that forGood hair growth and careful care of the lush mane can not do without proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and hairdressers and stylists will advise to reach the desired length with the help of chemicals and build-up.

But if you are a supporter of natural beauty, then in the bins "so simple!" A secret recipe is stored for you for perfect hair growth, which will not require you to either cost or a long time.

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A recipe for hair growth at home

This tool will help to ensure Strengthening and growth of hair at home Without chemistry and professional cosmetics.


  • 5 tbsp. L. Cognac
  • Black bread loaf

Preparation and application

  1. Place a container of cognac in a water bath and lightly preheat.

    Cognac contains an unimaginable amount of minerals and antioxidants that positively influence the condition of the hair follicles, acting as a powerful Hair growth activator.

    Also it is famous for the presence of tannins in its composition, which further increase its healing properties.

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  2. In the preheated container with cognac, add the bread crust, first chopping it with your hands. Leave the bread soaked in warm cognac. Bread sates your hair with several kinds of vitamins b.
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  3. When the bread and cognac cool down to room temperatureTemperature, thoroughly mash the bread and apply this mixture on the radical zone of the hair. Leave the contents for 25-45 minutes. For greater efficiency, use a cellophane shower cap.
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  4. After the time has passed, gently wash the hair with warm water, then wash it again with the application of its shampoo. Let the hair dry naturally, without drying the hair dryer.
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Repeat this procedure 3 times a week, and the result will not be long in coming.

You will certainly be satisfied, because this mask is a real delicacy for your hair!

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