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How to hang a picture

Hang a mirror, A picture or a family photo - this problem is faced by everyone who aspires to equip the house. At first glance this seems very easy, but in practice there are often a lot of problems.

For example, you were given a beautiful picture,Which is attached to two dowels, and you are already looking for a drill to hang it in your bedroom rather. And it turns out that - about the mountain! - you drilled holes too close together or crooked. But how much dust!

How to hang a picture on a wall

Do not be in a hurry to get upset and call yourself sham! We will help you avoid an unpleasant situation with the help of very simple items. interesting? Leaf below and follow our detailed instructions.

How to hang a picture

You will need

  • Scotch
  • marker
  • paper
  • plastic cup


  1. Stick a strip of dense tape or tape on the picture mounts and put the points in places where the screws or hooks should come in, as indicated in the photo.
    How to accurately hang a picture
  2. Perekley received workpiece on the wall, where the picture will be.
    How to hang a mirror in the bathroom
  3. With the help of a laser level, check if you have attached the strip to the wall. And only now take a drill in hand and drill a hole.
    How to hang a mirror
  4. If you want to avoid heavy dust and dirt while working, attach a bent sheet of paper or a sticker to the drilling locations. It will serve as a kind of dust collector.
    How to hang a picture
  5. But our secrets did not end there either. If you need Drill a hole In the ceiling, fix the usual plastic glass on the drill. It will collect all the garbage.
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So simple everyday objects can serve you as reliable assistants. With the help of such a household lighthouse you can easily hang any object.

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