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How to care for nails

The great coco chanel said that the hands are the woman's calling card. Their well-groomed appearance is one of the main tasks of the fair sex.

To our great regret, not each of us can boast of impeccable kind of hands. But remember: everything is fixable. command "so simple!" Share some tricky tricks that will help you to find gentle hands and Perfect nails.

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How to care for nails

  1. If you do not use lacquer or you do not want to weigh nails with chemistry, sodium nail plate with garlic. The effect is stunning!

    Do not be afraid, the smell will go away, as soon as you wash your hands, especially if you add a slice of lemon to the water. It has a lot of vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the cuticle and the skin of the hands.

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  2. Do you want to Nails grew quickly And remained strong? Always remove the varnish after 5-6 days and let the nails rest a little. Make salt baths with the addition of your favorite essential oils - Tenderness of hands Guaranteed.
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  3. To protect the skin of hands and nails from Adverse effects of chemicals, Always use protective gloves when cleaning the house and washing dishes.
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  4. Prepare an express remedy that will helpReturn your hands beauty and health in a matter of minutes. For this mix 4 tbsp. L. Olive oil, 2 chopped cloves of garlic and a couple drops of lemon juice.

    To achieve a super-fast effect, moisten the cotton wheels in the medium and place them on the nails for 30 minutes.

    For preventive purposes, lubricate the nail plates with this mixture before going to bed for 14 days. Repeat the course every 3 months.

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Your hands are perfection, everyone will dream to touch them. Keep your advice on the wall, not to lose!