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Flowerpots for flowers by own hands

It happens that connoisseurs of plants are often limited to a small space, which greatly reduces their ability to decorate a cozy cottage or terrace.

If you do not want to give up the idea of ​​flower decor and at the same time want to minimize the space for plants in the garden or indoors, Pots Will be an indispensable attribute for the realization of your ideas.

Flowerpots for flowers

"so simple!" Will tell you how to make wonderful hanging Pots Only with the help of plastic drainage trays.

Flowers pots for flowers

You will need

  • Drainage tray
  • 6 end parts for drainage tray
  • Aerosol paint
  • 6 thin short iron rods (can be replaced by thick wire)
  • Metal cable
  • 2 crimp sleeves
  • 2 screw hooks
  • Cross clamp suitable for cable
  • Tools for work
  • Planting ground
  • plants


  1. They spread the water drainage tray into 3 identical parts.
    Plastic drainage tray
  2. 6 holes were drilled in the bottom of each sawn part of the tray. The intervals between the holes must be equal.
  3. At this stage, you can give your future pots a different color. For this use an aerosol paint of any color. Color each part of the sawn tray.
    Aerosol paint for plastic
  4. Now bend thin metal rods (or wire) with forceps or pliers so that two pendant mounts to support the pots are produced.
    Fasteners for pots
  5. Cut the metal cable into two parts. One edge of each part bend in the form of a loop and fasten each eyelet with the help of crimping bushings and a hammer. Thus each part of the cable will have a loop on one side, and on the other - a free edge.
    Crimp sleeves
  6. Take up the screw hooks. Determine the location of their attachment and fix. Put the eyelets of the metal parts of the cable onto these hooks.
    Screw hooks
  7. Now stretch the free edge of the cable down andAttaching to each part of the cable 6 metal suspension brackets with 6 cross-clamps, having preliminarily measured the distance between each floor of the pot with the help of a level (measuring tool). It is at these points that the pots will be suspended.
    Bucket fastening
  8. Evaluate the manufactured structure. Place on the suspension-fastening tray-pots, if necessary adjust the length or distance between the floors. Prepare the earth and plants.

Voila! Your wonderful suspended flowerpots are ready.

Flowerpot pictures

This simple decorative masterpiece will please you with beauty and its functionality.

Do not forget to share a great idea with friends and family!