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Manicure ideas for short nails

In pursuit of long nails, many women evenDo not know that short ones can look no less attractive and sexy. In addition, the latest fashion trends confirm this fact, and more often in the pages of glossy magazines you can see Beautiful short nails With a neat manicure.

Since there are short nails in the trend, we have prepared 10 ideas for inspiration. Insanely elegant and simple in performance!

Manicure ideas for short nails

  1. Triangles always extend the nails.
    Short nails
  2. One strip changes the whole design and adds elegance.
    Short nails design
  3. Diversify your jacket.
    Fashion manicure
  4. Natural and exquisite.
    Beautiful manicure
  5. Classic with a hole.
    Moon manicure
  6. Summer version with mysterious geometric figures.
    Nail polish
  7. Deep blue color tone.
    Inherent ideas of manicure
  8. Elongated hole.
    Unusual ideas for manicure
  9. A combination of glossy and matte textures.
    Matte nails
  10. gold and silver.
    Mirror grinding

Fashion manicure this season does not tolerate excessive. The gold and silver colors are very actual, and if you like the more calm, pay attention to the shades of gray, brown and blue - this Fashionable colors The upcoming season.

Share the ideas of manicure with your girlfriends, it will be interesting to them!