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Than to treat a strong cough

Often Parents make a mistake, Thinking that coughing a child is a problem, withWhich can be easily handled independently. They just go to the pharmacy and buy a potion from a cough, not knowing what harm it can do to the baby.

"For an hour I was in a room withWorking TV. Within an hour, I saw an advertisement of medicines 8 times, which, according to the manufacturer, should be swallowed immediately when a cough occurs. Nerves can not stand to listen to this divorce! People, attention! ", - says Dr. Komarovsky.

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Than to cure a strong cough

  1. Most of the drugs advertised on TVFrom coughing are expectorants, or mucolytics. The main function of these drugs is to increase the volume of sputum and make it more fluid, fluid, which theoretically facilitates its coughing.
    Cough for bronchitis

    When the child has a cold, cough and fever is a disease of the upper respiratory tract. Why increase the amount of mucus in the lungs, when the baby just has a runny nose or sore throat?
  2. Expectorants are sometimes needed for certain diseases of the lower respiratory tract: bronchitis, pneumonia. These funds must be Of plant origin!! But all diseases should be treated by doctors, and not by people who have seen enough of the TV.
    Cough treatment with phlegm
  3. Children's cough is much weaker than in adults. After receiving expectorants, children are often unable to cough up the increased amount of sputum. It is not surprising that in many countries mucolytics are not recommended for children under 5 years of age, and assigning them to children under 2 years of age is generally criminal.
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  4. Than to treat a dry cough? Perfect juice of carrots, necessarily freshly squeezed, in a proportion of one to one with milk. Give this mixture 4-5 times a day. Just steal tea from the viburnum.
  5. Remember that effective exposure to sputumEven the most modern drugs are impossible without observing two obligatory conditions: clean cool air (+18 ... +20 ° C) in the room where the child is, and a sufficient amount of a drinkable warm liquid.

    Watch out for the air humidity in the child's room! It should be 40-70%. Because stuffy room - the easiest way to organize complications. And if in addition to this stuffy nose and increased body temperature - the chances of turning a banal cold in a month's treatment of pneumonia are maximum.

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  6. It should be noted that self-medicationAntitussive drugs can be very dangerous. Cough, as is known, is not just an unpleasant symptom. This is one of the most important ways the body can achieve lung cleansing.

    Oppression of a cough can lead to congestion in theLight sputum, which in turn with a high degree of probability can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia, to the violation of ventilation and other troubles. And the abuse of antitussive drugs leads to a worsening of the liver and kidneys.

    Coughless medication

  7. Use of antitussives for Treatment of wet cough Contraindicated. As mentioned above, cough suppression will only exacerbate the disease, since these drugs contribute to sputum subsidence.
    Cough treatment of the upper respiratory tract

Trivial truth, but where do we go from it: Do not self-medicate!! Not a cough should be treated, but a specific disease, one of the symptoms of which is a cough.

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