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Back and neck massage

It seems to you that nothing but the course of an expensive massage will help to relieve the feeling of tension and Pain between scapulae? Often the muscles in this area are spasmodic due to the constant wearing of heavy bags, prolonged sitting at the computer or even holding the mobile phone by the shoulder ...

In "so simple!" there is one Effective way to get rid of neck pain and headaches, As well as from any clamps that arise in the muscles.

Back and neck massage

See how in just 6 minutes you can relieve the pain in the neck and back. Pleases that for this effective procedure you do not need to buy any special equipment or spend money on an expensive masseur. tennis ball And even wall - all that is needed for the long-awaited disposal of pain!

To achieve a lasting positive effect, do this relaxing complex for the back regularly. Contraindication to it can only be Elevated body temperature Or a state of the body in which any stresses are excluded.

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