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Wet cleaning wipes

wet wipes So tightly entered our lives that many people are literally covered by panic when in the nearby supermarket there is not available this hygiene remedy.

The most grateful users Cleaning wipes Are parents of young children. Because napkins are so convenient to carry with them and they come very handy when a small ranger does what he puts his hands in the mud.

Moist cleansing wipes

Harm of wet wipes for children

We always safely wiped this means of hygiene children's hands, legs, face, without even thinking about what consequences this can lead to ...

With the problem of mass complaints of childhood rashesFaced scientists from the medical center of Flinders (Adelaide, Australia). It is in this state that cases of the appearance of eczema in children have significantly increased. Rashes were often on the hands, face and buttocks.

Harm of wet wipes for children

The scientists found that the reason for the appearance of massive allergic reactions were ordinary sanitary napkins, or rather, a special component - methyl isothiazoline, which is part of their composition.

Now the companies-manufacturers are actively looking for a natural component, which can be replaced by this harmful preservative.

Harm of wet wipes for children

Physicians insist that parents do notUsed sanitary napkins to rub babies. Such hygiene products can easily provoke irritation of the delicate skin, which is already damaged due to prolonged contact with urine and feces.

For such purposes it is best to make homemade wet wipes with natural impregnation.

Do not forget to warn your friends about the hidden danger - they will be grateful!