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Treatment of starvation

Poor-quality products, eating disorders, stresses are just a few factors that provoke a set of excess weight. so Weight loss problem In our time is particularly relevant.

Our editorial office for weight loss without harm forHealth! We want to offer your attention the "velvet" starvation, developed by Alfred Abdulbarovich ziganshin not only for weight loss, but, initially, for Health improvement.

Starvation curative

During fasting on ziganshin's method it is necessary to drinkInfusion of dried apricots or apricots and water. It is better to choose distilled water. But if there is none, then you can drink spring, bottled drinking water, if it did not undergo chemical treatment. But the mineral does not fit, because it has many salts!


1 day:

5-7 dried apricots (apricots, dried apricots) many timesBoiled water, and this vitamin drink during the day is consumed. The remainder of the fruit - soaked fiber - is eaten at the end of the day. In addition to the infusion of dried apricots or dried apricots, during the day, drink a small sip of clean water. The total amount of liquid is 2-3 liters.

Starvation entrance and exit

To provide the body with trace elements1 tsp is taken. Powder of sea kale. In addition, during the day, you need to eat a slice of garlic in parts, thoroughly chewing. The salubrious substances of garlic, which pass into saliva, have antimicrobial, including antiparasitic effect.

Day 2:

Continue to drink the infusion of apricots or dried apricots and eatAt the end of the day the dried fruits themselves. To this is added 1 orange, which can be eaten on slices throughout the day or entirely. Also eat a slice of garlic and 1 teaspoon of sea kale powder. Like all days, in addition to the infusion continue to drink clean water.

3 and 4 days:

Starvation on one water (2.5-3.5 liters per day)

Velvety fasting

5-14 day:

The cycle is repeated.

15-21 day:

Purely hungry days are excluded, every dayThe same 5-6 apricots and 1 orange are used. By the end of the week little liquid porridge and mashed boiled vegetables are added. This is enough to switch to normal food in the next few days. So you will get out of starvation without stress for the body.

Velvet starvation on doctor ziganshinu

It is very important to maintain the achieved therapeutic effectFasting, maintaining the correct diet. In particular, to limit the consumption of salt, which in a number of diseases causes fluid retention and the appearance of edema. In addition, you should reduce the consumption of sweets, muffins and, if possible, refuse animal fats.

Stay slim and healthy! Your friends will also find it useful!