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We all know a lot about the benefits of honey. Eat it with tea, smear on bread, add it to cottage cheese or morning oatmeal. However, most of us forget about Honey in honeycombs, The benefit of which was valued at all times. Since ancient times it was believed that this product has a special healing power. And it's delicious to eat small sweet pieces.

Honey comb honey


Composition value

  1. Their most important benefit is that honey is delivered to the consumer in a sterile state. Besides, honey in honeycombs will remain for a very long time liquid.
  2. Honey is rich in biogenic stimulants, which increase the general vitality, growth substances - bios, antibiotic substances, which are destructive to bacteria.
  3. Beeswax is a pleasantly smelling solidSubstance of yellow color. In its composition, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, as well as many minerals and vitamin a. Except for medicinal purposes, wax is used in many industrial areas, including cosmetic and perfume.
  4. Propolis in large quantities will contain tar and essential oils. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal properties.
  5. Flower pollen is a product of plant origin. But after processing it with bees, it produces a large number of enzymes that have high biological activity.


Application of

  1. Honey is highly recommended to chewThose who are concerned about the inflammatory processes in the oral cavity: caries, gum inflammation, stomatitis and others. During chewing, cleansing of both plaque and disinfection of the oral cavity.
    Honey comb for teeth
  2. For cleaning the stomach and intestines is very usefulThoroughly chew honeycombs, and then swallow small balls of wax. Complex chemical composition favorably affects the secretory and motor activity of the stomach, and in addition, normalizes the acidity of gastric secretion.
    Honey combs to swallow

    An interesting observation: the acidity is reduced if you take honey for 1.5 to 2 hours before meals, and, conversely, increases when taken just before meals.
  3. Often a sterile honeycomb is used for Prevention and treatment of cataracts. It is brewed with boiled water, and dripping into the eyes. But in this case it is better to consult with a specialist in this field. Wax honeycomb is also used for eye burns, it is only necessary to wash eyes with a wax. This will help restore the cornea of ​​the eye.
    Honeycomb properties
  4. Honey combs have medicinal properties in the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.
  5. Still honeycomb is Benefit for immunity And a beneficial effect on the state of the body inWhole. And, surprisingly, anti-allergic effect. Especially the great benefits of honey in honeycombs for the developing organism. At its constant application, children are much less sick, grow stronger and healthy.
    Honey comb treatment

Despite all its useful properties, Honey comb Like any other product can harmOrganism. The main contraindication to treatment or simply the use of this product is an individual intolerance. That is, if you develop any allergic reactions, it is better to reduce or stop consumption.

Also do not abuse and eat honeycomb in a moderate amount - 1-3 times a day in pure form or with black bread.

Honey comb as is

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