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Layfhaki simplified life

We are surrounded by many things, but we do not even imagine how they can be useful in everyday life. Redaction "so simple!" Knows, How to make life easier With the help of improvised objects.

Lifhhaki simplified life

  1. Use an unflavored dental floss orLine to cut the cake into flat pieces or dough into layers. Also this method is perfect for slicing soft sorts of cheese. Of course, you can use kitchen twine, but it is much more expensive.
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  2. If you broke a glass object, to collect from the floor its fine particles will help a slice of fresh bread. Excellent result and no cuts! brilliant idea.
  3. Toothpaste will clean out any stains from your sneakers. Sodium white toothpaste Dirty sneakers using an old brush, leave for 10 minutes, then wipe them with a damp towel.
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  4. Use ground coffee as a freshener forFridge. Just take a small jar of coffee and cover it with corrugated paper or gauze (just fold in two layers), put it in the fridge. You can use and soda, but coffee will also give a pleasant and light fragrance.
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  5. Use half the bulb to clean the grill. Rub her grate while it's still warm. No fatty stains and spots in a few minutes. Only this method does not work on a cooled grill.
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  6. Sprinkle half the lemon with salt and use this cleaner to clean the cutting board. Removes any contamination. In addition, this method will prolong the life of your board.
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  7. If there are no gloves. Use a cellophane bag on your hand when you cut a hot pepper.
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  8. Cut cuticles and skin around nails with petroleum jellyOr other fat cream before painting your nails. If you cover your skin with lacquer, it will be very easy to remove. In addition, it will serve as an excellent procedure for improving the condition of the cuticle.
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  9. Use the hairspray to wash the ink from the fabric surfaces. Just sprinkle the stain on the product before washing. Do not need to buy expensive cleaning products, because the cheapest varnish will do.
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  10. Do not throw away the covers from large yoghurts, because they are wonderful and suitable for glass goblets. This will help preserve the taste of unfinished lemonade or beer.
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  11. Wipe the car window or mirror in the bathroom with shaving foam. After that, the glasses will not fog.
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  12. If you do not have a thin brush for cleaningBottles from the inside - it does not matter. Crush the eggshell and fill it in a bottle with a small amount of water and shake it. From the walls all dust and debris are perfectly removed.
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  13. Use mayonnaise or vegetable oil to remove stickers and stickers.
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  14. Use corn flour to remove grease stains from furniture. Pour a couple of spoons of flour on the stain, leave for 15-20 minutes. Vacuum thoroughly this place.
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  15. Use the cola to remove from the cinder pan. Pour a coke into the damaged pot for the night. In the morning, clean the sponge and it will be like new.
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  16. Seal chips or cereals with clerical clamps.
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Share your tricks with your friends, let their life also become easier!