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How to sew a sheet on an elastic band

For today more and more people prefer beds for sleep, rather than sofas. When purchasing bed linen for a bed, we take into account the availability of a mattress.

Often in the mornings you can find a sheetCrushed, as though carefully from the evening you did not run it. Although the problem is insignificant, it still spoils the general view of the bedroom and deprives your room of neatness. To the aid comes a convenient textile solution - Bed sheet!!


If you also treat people who do not tolerate wrinkles and crumpled contours, "so simple!" Offers you a simple pattern and a diagram of how to make Bed sheet!!

How to sew a sheet on an elastic band

You will need

  • Cloth or plain sheet
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • safety pin
  • Linen with a width of 0.5 cm

Sewing scheme

  1. Measure the centimeter tape length, width and height of the mattress, for which you want to sew a sheet. Can be used for sewing Usual ready-made sheet. In this case, measure only the height of your mattress.
  2. Next, cut the fabric according to the madeMeasurements. Take into account that the fabric on one side should be equal to the width of the mattress plus its doubled height, plus 20 cm on the hem of the edges and their podgibku (10 cm from each edge). On the other hand, the length of the fabric should be equal to the length of the mattress plus its doubled height, plus 20 cm.

    Pattern pattern can freely vary, based on the parameters of the bed and mattress. Here's what should happen:

    Width + (2 x height) + 20 cm and length + (2 x height) + 20 cm

    Pattern of a sheet on an elastic band

  3. On the outer edge of the fabric on one side, measure from the angle of the height of the mattress plus 20 cm, mark it.

    Measure from the mark placed in the depth of the canvas, the height of the mattress plus 20 cm.

    Draw a line connecting two made marks, and one more line connecting the last label with the adjacent side of the corner of the web. You will get a square outlined in the corner.

  4. Cut a square along the lines drawn. Repeat the procedure with the other three corners.
    Pattern photo
  5. Bend the cloth, connecting the cut sides of each square to each other. The front side of the fabric should be at the same time inside.
    Pattern photo
  6. Pin the points of the fabric junction in the corners. Then make in the corners of the line with an allowance of 1 cm.
    Sewing fabrics
  7. Continued sewing with folding the edges of the sheet by 1.5 cm when using for sewing an ordinary sheet, skip this step.
    Tailoring photos
  8. Once again tuck the edges by 1.5 cm and chop them off. Make a line around the perimeter. At the same time, leave unshielded holes 2.5 cm wide apart from each corner (20 cm from the corner seam) and insert an elastic band through them.
  9. Cut 4 pieces of gum in a length of 35-40 cm insert one piece of gum in the corner of the sheet and prikoli its end at the hole.

    Attach a safety pin to the other end of the rubber band so that it is easier to thread it into the corner. Put the elastic band in the corner and stretch it to make an assembly.

    Prikoly gum at the second hole.

    Elastic band photo

  10. Sewing gum on both sides of the corner of the sheet. And put the gum in the remaining three corners.
    Sewing sheets with elastic band
  11. This kind should have a ready-made stitch with a sewn rubber band.
    Fabric assembly

Now, knowing how to simply make Sheet by one's own hands, You can safely fill up any of your bed linen, while creating maximum comfort and comfort for yourself and your loved ones.

Bed linen Photo

Such a variant of the sheet by its appearance will never give you unnecessary trouble in the morning.

Be sure to share our sewing life with your loved ones and friends!