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Wormwood Annual Against Cancer

The wonders of nature do not cease to surprise us, although it would seem: what can the steppe weed imperceptibly spread beneath your feet be amazing?

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In the urban xxi century, millions of people face oncological diseases that take people's lives at an insurmountable rate.

Scientists around the world are working on a drug solution to this problem, inventing new Drugs for cancer treatment And applying a variety of techniques to treat this severe disease.

Reality rarely makes oncologists happyPositive results, although, of course, there are successes. One of them can be safely proclaimed the opening of this year, truly made the medicine luminaries open their mouths with surprise.

Wormwood annual

Their success and wonderful discovery oncologists and bioengineers are obliged to one-year weed grass, called in the common people "summer tree" for the relative similarity with the latter and "the mother of all herbs" for its Medicinal power. We are talking about wormwood.

"so simple!" With impatience hastens to share with you these new and useful medical information!

Wormwood Annual Against Cancer

Wormwood annual, Or artemisia annua, is a herbaceous plant that, for a short period of its life, is capable of giving dozens of years and health to people.

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Studies have shown that certain substances from this herb are able to control the reproductive growth of cancer cells in the human body and at the same time destroy up to 98% of these formations. Herbal substances Operate extremely selectively in the human body, without touching healthy cells and without affecting the natural immunity of a person.

The second sensation was the fact that the destruction of malignant cells does not take a long time, only 16 hours!

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Experiments have shown that in just a month, evenIn severe stages of cancer, the use of active substances of wormwood (artemisinin and its semisynthetic derivatives) helped to reduce the number of cancer cells in the human body by 28%.


The substances of the plant fall into the cancer cell and,Like a hidden bomb, subsequently tear the hostile cage into small particles incapable of regeneration, destroying it in this way without a trace. This approach to treatment can prevent any relapse in the shortest time!

The experiment on rats supplemented the picture of the study and showed that application of wormwood together with elements of iron gives complete eradication of the cancer without damage to the health of animals.

But it is worth remembering: when applying wormwood is extremely Dosage is important, Since this plant is poisonous.

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In addition, it must be said that, while observingPatients, scientists noted that improper nutrition, intake of insufficient water, sedentary lifestyle and negative perception of it also have a very negative impact on health.

So, for good health and effective treatment it is required not only to radically change your way of life, but also to work on your world perception.

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