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Ideal eyebrows

decor Eyebrows Already several seasons in a row is the main element of makeup. You can spend a lot of time on aligning the skin tone, creating complex face makeup and choosing lipstick, but ...

All diligence will be in vain if your eyebrows are not perfect. They are the one who sets your mood and makes your eyes more expressive.

Our editorial team has prepared several lifhakas, with which you will easily achieve Salon effect without leaving home.

Perfect eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows

  1. Most importantly - take into account the shape and location of the eyes. Because it is the eyebrows that set the tone for the whole image.
    Perfect eyebrows at home
  2. Determine the beginning, the highest point and the end of the eyebrow. Use our scheme to avoid making mistakes.
    How to make perfect eyebrows without tattooing
  3. Use Special lineIf one eyebrow is very different from the other. This will help to keep the proportions. This line is easy to find and it is inexpensive.
    Eyebrow shape in face shape
  4. Never tweeze your eyebrows from above. Fashion is changeable, and with frequent plucking in this place they can stop growing. Use A dangerous razor for the eyebrows. Do not worry, the blades are arranged so that you can not hurt yourself. In addition, this tool is useful for other purposes.
    Perfect eyebrow pluck
  5. When plucking, always comb your eyebrows to get rid of torn hairs and have a clear idea of ​​the form.
  6. Now start doing Eyebrow makeup. Use a pencil, shadow or eyeliner for 2 shades darker than your hair. And remember: do not use black color, even if you're a burning brunette, - it's better to be dark brown or graphite.

    Behold How to draw eyebrows correctly! First fill the tip of the eyebrow, and then go to the base. So you will achieve Effect ombre. Put a light concealer under the eyebrow under the eyebrow - this will make the eyebrows more expressive, and the eyes will immediately become fresh.

    Shape of eyebrows species

Your eyebrows are perfect! Only remember, in the care of the main thing - regularity.
Apply oil before bedtime to improve the density and growth of the eyebrows and do not chase blindly for fashion. Be unsurpassed!

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