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Early Cancer Symptoms

Oncologists sound the alarm: Annually in russia about 480 thousand new cancer patients are registered, and more than 280 thousand die, about 15% of them are people of working age. This situation is explained by the fact that many people turn too late for medical help. And yet Diagnosis of cancer in the early stages Gives a chance of recovery in 95% of cases.

There are a number of signs pointing to Probability of developing cancer. Having found them at home, you should immediately contact a medical institution for further examination.

Early symptoms of cancer

  1. Bloating in women

    Early detection of cancer

    Constant feeling of swelling in the lower abdomen withoutFor any reason, it may indicate ovarian cancer. If after eating a quick feeling of overcrowding, and at the same time feeling discomfort in the lower back for several weeks in a row - go to the gynecologist.

  2. Irregular bleeding in women
    Early detection of cancer

    Even a drop of blood that appeared on the laundry outsideThe right time or after the onset of menopause - an occasion to visit the women's consultation without delay! This symptom can be associated with both oncology and another serious disease, for example Endometriosis.

  3. Pain in the abdomen and pelvis
    Early detection of cancer

    Persistent pain in the pelvic area indicate obvious problems with the ovaries, it is required to visit the doctor immediately.

  4. Persistent back pain in men
    Early detection of cancer

    Strangely enough, prostate and colon cancer inMen are almost always accompanied by persistent pain in the back. Of course, one should not panic right away: discomfort in the back can have many reasons, but it is necessary to be examined in any case.

  5. Modification of testicles in men
    Early detection of cancer

    The best prevention of testicular cancer is regular self-examination. You should constantly examine this area for any changes in color, shape and location of the testicles.

  6. Pain in the groin and hips in men
    Early detection of cancer

    Chronic pain and swelling of this area may indicate cancer of the prostate or testicles.

  7. Persistent cough in women and men
    Early detection of cancer

    Lingering, exhausting, not giving in to traditional treatment cough - a direct road to examination. It does not necessarily indicate oncology, but tuberculosis of the lungs is a serious matter.

  8. Severe weight loss in women and men
    Early detection of cancer

    If you deliberately do not try to dumpExcess weight, and for unexplained reasons you start to lose weight sharply, check the thyroid gland in the first place. This sign can talk about a serious hormonal failure. But the cancer of some organs, in particular of the lungs, pancreas, stomach, esophagus, is manifested in the same way.

  9. Changes in the chest in women and men
    Early detection of cancer

    Not only women are exposed to breast cancer! In men, it is much less common: only 1% of all cases of breast cancer. But oncologists say that men should in no case ignore any changes and tumors in this area.

  10. Changes in lymph nodes in women and men
    Early detection of cancer

    The lymphatic system is the mirror of our body. Even an ordinary cold can lead to an increase in the lymph nodes! If the swelling does not disappear within a month, be sure to take a blood test.

  11. Changes in the skin of women and men
    Early detection of cancer

    Skin cancer is the champion of mortality amongMalignant diseases for the reason that in most cases people seek medical help too late. Regularly inspect all the moles on the body: whether their color, shape, bruising, whether they have increased in size has changed. Timely diagnosis saves life!

  12. Changes in the mouth in women and men
    Early detection of cancer

    Any ulcers, white spots on the oral mucosa and tongue, which do not disappear for a long time, may indicate a precancerous condition.

  13. Unreasonable chronic fatigue in women and men
    Early detection of cancer

    If you are busy from morning to evening at work, and byYou spend your nights in social networks, no questions. It is a question of fatigue and deterioration of state of health without any reasons. Chronic strong fatigue is an important symptom for diagnosing Leukemia.

The purpose of this article is not to intimidate, but to warn, because our body, with the slightest malfunction, gives alarm signals. It is important not to ignore them and seek help in time.

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