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How to make a crib

30 years ago, one young family was preparing for the appearance of her son. Young parents wanted the baby to have everything necessary, despite the limited funds. then Future father A brilliant idea came to mind! He decided to build a baby crib himself.

How to make a crib

When the son grew up and was already waiting for the birth of his daughter, it occurred to him to repeat the idea of ​​his father. Thus in their family appeared Marvelous tradition.

How to make a crib for your child with your own hands

Our editors were inspired by this story, and we decided to talk about how to make a children's cradle at home.

How to make a crib

You will need

  • hand saw
  • Several boards
  • drill
  • Cordless
  • Varnish for wood


  1. Draw a half side wall pattern on paper or use a ready-made one from the Internet. Transfer the drawing to a tree and cut out the part with a hand-saw. Turn the workpiece and cut the other half.
    Cot with your own hands

  2. Sand the edges of the obtained blanks.
    Cot wenge
  3. Drilled holes in the halves, apply to the place of fixing the adhesive for strength and connect the back halves with wooden caps.
    Cot made of wood
  4. Cut out the details for the side walls from the boards. Scrap them.
    Cot with wooden hands

    Baby cradle
  5. Connect all sides of the cradle to each other. Cover the finished bed with hypoallergenic varnish.

That's such a sweetheart Baby cot It turned out. It can be easily done at home, spending only one day. You will not need a lot of money for it, but you will be sure of its reliability and safety.

Baby cradle

Children's cradles made of wood

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