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How to distinguish a fake shoe

Buying shoes in modern stores and markets, you can not even imagine how far the "underground" textile industry has stepped! Counterfeit goods everywhere…

Instead of quality products of the declared brand,Shoes from Asian factories can often be found even in branded boutiques. And do not want to spread an impressive amount for an insignificant fake ... it is unpleasant when you are deceived.

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Material of questionable quality, uneven seams, excessive amount of hardware and bizarre inscriptions - these are only a few Signs of forgery, By which you can determine the manufacturer of purchased shoes.

"so simple!" Will help to understand this difficult matter and share a couple of tips on how quickly and without fail to detect Fake brands!!

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How to distinguish a fake

  1. Marking on the box and article
    Watermarks, individual number and hologram,Article - the key points that you should pay attention to when choosing shoes. This is the basic information on which you can identify the original manufacturer.

    If the article on the box is original, then any search engine will give you a lot of online stores and photos with this shoe model.

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  2. Shoe sole
    All the original shoes have a distinctive pattern on the sole. Learn on the site of the brand, exactly how the shoes of this manufacturer should look. View photos on the Internet.
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  3. Quality fittings
    To the banality of a simple recommendation: carefully read the inscriptions on the hardware, not only on the price tag and external labels.

    For a quality product, each zipper and even rivets are numbered and have a name that completely coincides with the brand name.

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  4. Insert-application
    Be sure to look at the features of fastening inserts and applications with the name of the company. Often under external inserts may be hiding internal, with the name of a real brand.
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  5. Choosing new shoes, visit official stores that are certified representatives of your favorite brands.

    Do not be lazy and look at the sites of favorite brands, where the genuine addresses of such stores, real collections and current prices for the goods are indicated.

Look how professionally the employees of the underground shops work!

Now you can easily distinguish a quality product from a high-class parody of your favorite thing. Do not lose your vigilance!

Be selective in your preferences. And be sure to share the article with your friends and family!