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How to make hair thicker

To a great regret, your hair is one of the first exposed to the negative influence of the external environment. Whether you like it or not, they become brittle, dull, and the most terrible - they start falling out.

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Do not be upset! Redaction "so simple!" Tell you The Secret of Perfect Hair.

You've probably heard of numerous Advantages of Castor Oil, Which is one of the most effective natural remedies, especially in case of problems with hair and skin.

This oil is famous for its high content Omega-9 fatty acids, Proteins, minerals and vitamin E. It nourishes the hair follicles and curls, stimulates the growth of eyelashes, hair and eyebrows.

In addition, this miracle oil is rich in triglycerides- unsaturated fats, due to which it has powerful rejuvenating properties. It is known that ricinoleic acid treats fungi, microbes, various infections and prevents their appearance.

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How to make hair thicker


  • 30 drops of garlic juice
  • 40 ml of panthenol
  • 60 ml of castor oil


Mix the specified amount of garlic, panthenol and castor oil. Pour the resulting mixture into a container of dark glass - so it will be stored longer.

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Application of

Apply the product to the roots of hair and rub it into the skinHead for an hour before washing 3 times a week. To achieve the best effect, put a cellophane cap or sachet on your hair, and wrap the towel on top. Under the influence of heat, curative substances are better absorbed.

Thick hair at home

Also this mixture serves as Serum for growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply the product on the eyebrows and eyelashes every evening with a brush from an old carcass.

Thick hair fast

After two applications you will notice the result - healthy, shiny hair. And in a month they will become thicker and stop falling out.

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