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Fashionable make-up - 2017

Whatever your attitude to fashion, in modern society with its crazy rhythm of life appearance Plays far from the last role. All the fashion shows are already over, and it's time to beat the results.

We picked up for you a list of the main Trends of 2017, Following which you will look beautiful and emphasize your individuality. Every woman will find something for herself here.

Fashionable make-up - 2017

  1. A kiss of the sun. Freckles on the face Is a hit of the coming year! Now you do not need to torture your skin with a thick foundation. Use a translucent tone with the effect of radiance and boldly go out into the light. Besides, men think this is very sexy, and photographers around the world go crazy from the sunspots. If you do not have one - a brown pencil to help.
    Fashionable make-up 2017

    Fashionable make-up
  2. The return of the queen of the classics. Red lipstick returned to the lips of all the beauties. And, no matter how sad, the burgundy and wine tints remained in the past. Also in the new season in the trend monochrome - the lips and eyes, painted in one color.
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    Trends of make-up 2017
  3. Gold in everything! Lips, eyes, nails should sparkle in 2017. It can be both a daytime moist effect, and sequins for the evening. The more glitter - the better. The boldest do Gold sequins On the eyebrows, and this is not insanity at all.

    After many years the metallic again in the trend. Boldly send matte textures to the top shelf!

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    Trends in make-up

    I will definitely get a gold lipstick for the summer!
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  4. The fashion remains the graphic hands. But now you can use any colors, not just black! The most trendy: red, blue, silver, gold, lilac, orange.
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  5. Insane Africocudi. Small curls filled all the podiums - stock up curlers. Besides, it is very nice and young. Just do not forget to use thermal protection!
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  6. But the most fashionable hairdo of the cold season is "hair under the collar." All ingenious is simple.
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  7. And, of course, we could not miss the mirror manicure according to the new rules - rubbing. It can easily be done at home. Very exciting lesson, by the way.
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Stay trendy and modern! Do not lose your individuality.

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