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How to pack

all of us Love to travel: Someone goes to distant countries, and someone on the weekend to relatives in the neighboring city. Where ever you go, the problem is one - How to pack a suitcase. This issue is especially acute when a large family with children is going on a trip.

Competent packaging of things will not only allow you to fit in a suitcase much more than usual, but also get things on arrival in a decent form and immediately put on. In this article "so simple!" Will show you a tricky and simple way of packing a suitcase.

How to pack a suitcase compactly

How to pack

  1. Take, for example, a shirt. Fold her sleeves crosswise and tuck it slightly down, as shown in the picture.
    How to pack a video suitcase
  2. Then fold the sides of the shirt towards the center. As a result, the shirt will look like a rectangle.
    How to pack a suitcase so that things are not crumpled

    How to pack a suitcase lifhak
  3. Fold the resulting rectangle into a roll and be amazed at how little space it can take Big shirt.
    How to accurately pack a suitcase

In a similar way, you can put together any things - from socks to jackets. And the most pleasant thing is that as a result of this folding clothes do not crumble strongly and you do not have to spend a lot of time on ironing.

In the form of a pleasant bonus we give to you video, In which you will see how to add other things by using the described trick.

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