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How to choose the right shoes

Selection Quality shoes - a time-consuming and responsible process, to whichCan not be neglected. Many women spend a lot of time searching for the perfect pair of shoes that can last longer than one season.

Some women prefer only branded footwear, relying on the European quality of the manufacturer. But does the target justify the money spent? Today edition "so simple!" Will put all the points above the "i".

How to choose high-quality shoes

How to choose the right shoes

  1. High heel shoes
    Choosing high-heeled shoes, first of allYou need to focus on convenience, because beautiful models are much more than convenient. In any case it is not worth buying shoes with a smooth sole: such shoes are suitable only for a photo shoot. Buying shoes, you should focus on leather goods.

    You also need to pay attention to the seams thatFastened details of shoes. They should be even, stitched stitches 2-3 mm long. If the stitch is much smaller, most likely, such shoes will quickly tear. If the edges near the firmware are tucked up, there is a possibility that the creepy manufacturer wants to deceive you by selling products not from genuine leather.

    It should be remembered that high-heeled shoes have a hollow heel, so their weight is very small.

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  2. Boots
    The longest serve boots made of naturalSkin, since this material is the most resistant to temperature changes. Lacing on boots should be as close to the toe as possible, and the zipper should be closed with a valve, which serves as a guarantor of heat preservation. Shoes should not have a pungent smell.

    It is also worth checking for the strength of the arch support -Put the boot on a flat surface and press on the lift. If the heel slides back, then the supinator is bad. An excellent indicator of the quality of shoes are the seams: continuous, straight, without wrinkles and wrinkles. You should choose boots with a ribbed sole thickness of at least 1 cm.

    How to choose high-quality shoes

  3. rubber boots
    The surface of the rubber boots should be flawless. If it already shows small scratches, cracks and blisters, do not buy such shoes.

    The sole should never slip,Otherwise you are threatened with falling in the first freezing. After buying rubber boots hold a small test. Put your boots in a basin of water - if the shoes are leaking, give it back to the store.

    How to identify high-quality leather shoes

  4. sneakers
    It does not matter for what purpose you choose sneakers,In any case they should be quality and strong. To check the sneakers for strength, bend the soles first along, and then across. Pay attention to the bend: it should not be in the center, but slightly shifted to the fingers.

    It is also necessary to check whether the stitch is smooth on all seams, how carefully glue is applied, whether a synthetic smell is felt and whether there is a sticker with information about the footwear manufacturer.

    How to identify high-quality leather shoes

Remember: the brand is not a guarantee of good quality. Choosing the next pair of shoes, follow our recommendations!

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